Friday, October 5, 2007

Pop Culture Case Study-Part 2:Robert Downey Jr.

Another Fantastic Music Man is a Great Movie Superhero ....

I really don’t have to go into how absolutely perfect Robert DJ is for Iron Man but I’m going to anyways. Let’s take a gander at his Wikipedia entry and see how he compares to Tony Stark/Iron Man.

• Born in New York-----CHECK!
• Followed in Daddy’s footsteps----CHECK!
Alcoholic-----DOUBLE CHECK!!!
• Childhood friend of Moby---Well I guess Robert “wins” that one.

Musical Cred
• Unless you were living under a rock in the late 90’s you have to know what Ally McBeal is. If you’re learned you will actually have seen some episodes of Ally. But if you’re truly blessed, you saw the 14 episodes that he did in Season 4 plus a cameo in Season 5 (thanks IMDB!!!). There was singing, dancing, and of course Vonda Shepard.
• He released his first album “The Futurist” in 2005. Sadly with no Vonda on it!
• And his duet with Sting on Ally still brings me to tears.

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