Friday, October 26, 2007

Haiku Reviews for October 24-Enjoy!!!

Casanova #10
W:Matt Fraction
A:Fabio Moon
Cover:Gabriel Bá

Oops (Oh My) Zephyr!
No Cass but still excellent
Action Everywhen

Lone Ranger #9
W:Brett Matthews
A:Sergio Cariello
A Direction/Cover: John Cassaday

Dead things everywhere
Tonto always right, Cabron
Next one ends the arc

Proof #1
W:Alexander Grecian
A:Riley Rossmo
C:Tyler Jenkins

Big Foot is a Fed
Pacific Northwest eerie
Quirky Funny Read

She-Hulk #22
W:Peter David
A:Shawn Moll
I:Victor Olazaba

Good start and good art
Jinx wants her job back, She-Hulk
Britney-style Blackout


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