Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Can Fight the 'Moonlight'!!!!!

I wasn’t going to do a post on Moonlight but a quick trip to Wikipedia changed all that. A look at Alex O’Loughlin’s Wikipedia entry reveals that the 30 year old Aussie actor is “currently dating Australian pop singer and actress, Holly Valance.”

Holly who? Check out her video for ‘Kiss Kiss’. Her beau may fight the ‘Moonlight’ but she’s definitely all over the ‘Booblight’.

And since it’s not worth a Haiku...
I was going to say it’s an Angel-wannabe but after watching the Pilot I have to conclude that it doesn’t even look like they were trying to ‘channel’ any of its splendor (or even make it watchable). Except for Mr. Logan Echolls-Jason Dohring, who I adore (and I’m still angry I didn’t see him at Comic-Con).

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