Friday, November 30, 2007

*CYLON in the City*

Everyone's favorite Cylon/Canada's Next Top Model Host Tricia Helfer graces the cover of this week's Georgia Straight (One of Vancouver's many gratuit weeklies)! Tricia's got a new movie called 'Walk All Over Me' coming out where she plays a dominatrix [insert Fanboys' gleeful squeals here]. Unfortunately for the Yankee Fanboys it probably won't be coming to a theater-near-you since it's pure Can-Con. Oh and Wicker Girl Leelee Sobieski is in it too!-That probably didn't require an exclamation but I'm still freaked out by her appearance in Wicker Man.
Don't cry fanboys at least you can *read* the interview (with picture!) for free over at the Georgia Straight.

Rebecca Romijn *IS* Madame Mirage...well at least BEBE thinks so!!!

Personally I've always thought of BEBE as the TOP COW of mall fashion with their "T & A All The Way" philosophy so really this was just bound to happen. I mean really all they would have to do is give Rebecca her X-3 Mystique dye job and the movie would basically shoot itself. Don't fret fanboys and girls even though Rebecca doesn't have the leather shrug on that Madame Mirage is sporting I'm pretty sure BEBE produced it circa Fall 2005. (Don't ask me why I know all this sh*t just be glad that you don't have to.)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Haiku Reviews for November 21st-Part 2

The Umbrella--ella-ella-eh-eh-eh Academy #3 (Ok, I got that out of my system finally!!!)
W: Gerard Way
A: Gabriel Bá
Cover: James Jean

Another great read
So much family drama

Wonderful art too!

The Lone Ranger #10
W: Brett Matthews
A: Sergio Cariello
Cover: John Cassaday

John's got his demons
Evil journeys to Texas?
Great as usual

Catwoman #73
W: Will Pfeifer
A:David Lopez, Alvaro Lopez, Jeremy Cox

Is Catwoman back?
Will Selina lose it all?

Already want more

Checkmate #20
W: Greg Rucka
A: Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson

The fall of the Wall!
Midnight mystery Meta?

The crème of the crop!

New X-Men #44/Messiah Complex Chapter 4
W: Craig Kyle, Chris Yost
A:Humberto Ramos, Carlos Cuevas, Edgar Delgado

The Kids join the fight

Jamie and Layla still lost

MC really good!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WHITEOUT is NOT the Follow-Up to Britney's Blackout

Oni Press just posted the new poster to the film adaptation to Greg Rucka & Steve Lieber's Whiteout. I'm so unbelievably excited for this movie because Whiteout is one of my favorite comic books ever. Why? Glad you asked!

1. It is impossible not to love main gal Carrie Stetko. She's a US Marshall (á la Tommy Lee Jones) assigned to patrol one of the most isolated places on earth, Antarctica. She's definitely got her own issues and personal demons but that's part of what makes her so riveting. And let's not forget that she's smart, cynically witty, and can kick serious ass in the harshest conditions. But I think the good folks at Artbomb put it best -"Buy it because Carrie Stetko's mouthy, freckled, and cool..." [Which by the way also describes yours truly to a T.] Hopefully Kate Beckinsale will do our girl Carrie some justice. Even though I feel from the casting that they're going more for a Glamazon look for Carrie (as evidenced by the Frederic Fekkai highlights Kate is sporting in the poster). If Kate pulls it off though I'll consider forgiving her for 'Click'.

2. It's set in Antarctica. My family tree is more of a palm tree than an oak. Meaning we only live in places that are warm and close to the equator (I'm somewhat the exception but it doesn't really snow very much in Van-City). Needless to say snow fascinates and at the same time freaks me out. So while the plot may seem something out of L&O:SVU the fact that this story takes place in a setting so foreign to most of us makes it incredibly intriguing.

3. The incredibly talented creators. Greg Rucka is definitely one of those writers whose work I compulsively collect because always rocks. My love for Queen & Country could be a blog in it of itself. He writes emotionally complex, strong, and intelligent women so perfectly that a lot of times I forget he's a guy. And really that is one of the biggest compliments you can pay a comic book writer in my book.
And Steve Lieber's art is excellent from the emotional scenes to the action sequences. Lieber perfectly captures Carrie Stetko's emotions allowing the reader to understand exactly how she's feeling.
The film was directed by Dominic Sena whose last movie was Swordfish. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy that movie. But A LOT (read: ALL) of my love for that movie comes from Hugh Jackman. I mean seriously a movie where Hugh Jackman's character is introduced in a towel automatically gets two thumbs up from me.

No exact release date for the movie yet but it is scheduled for sometime in 2008.
Til then I'll just take comfort in my copy of Whiteout and Swordfish and hope for the best.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You'll be a better person listen to Clint Mansell's score to The Fountain

There are some things in life that make you wonder how you lived life without it. Clint Mansell's musical score to pal Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain is one of those things. It's haunting yet thrilling but ultimately heartbreakingly beautiful (especially if you've see the film).

Even Hollywood seems to be taking notice since two December releases are currently using the music in their trailers.
Francis Lawrence's I Am Legend brilliantly (although briefly) uses "Death is the Road to Awe"[Clint Mansell - Death is the Road to Awe]. The title of the piece shadows the plot of the movie in which a vampiric virus causes the death of everyone on earth except for one man. Death is literally all around him from the deserted streets of Manhattan to the threat of death from vampires every night.

The Fountain's "Tree of Life" [Clint Mansell - Tree of Life] is being used in the trailer for Ridley Scott's Blade Runner: The Final Cut (which itself has an excellent score by Vangelis). Like the I am Legend trailer, the title of the piece conveys perfectly one of the major themes of Blade Runner- what constitutes a life. The film leads the viewer to ask themselves "What is it that makes us human?" and "Can only a human have a life and not just a lifespan?". Blade Runner's significant influence can be felt all over cinema and television. One notable descendant is Battlestar Galactica from the philosophical questions it prompts to its somber setting (especially when contrasted to its somewhat campy origin). And they both feature Edward James Olmos going after androids/replicants/skin jobs/cylons/toasters only to then let some of them go.

Both films have graphic novel adaptations available through Vertigo. I've especially been keen on The Fountain one in particular because of its beautiful paintings.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

What You'll Be Getting Me For Christmas-A Sequential Tart Tote Bag

I'll be the first to admit that I love me a good tote bag. They're easy to carry, spacious, machine washable, and look better than a backpack. So when I saw that Sequential Tart had some tote bags with art work done by some of my favorite artists I knew that I'd be adding them to my Christmas list. It's really hard to pick my fave but I think I've got to go with Cameron Stewart's because he's captured pretty much exactly the way I read comics. Oh and it's very pretty.

A Perfect Holiday Gift Idea from Pop Colony-Dexter Killing Shirt

I love that the peeps at Top Heavy Clothing are aware of how hot Michael C. Hall looks when he's gettin' down to business on Dexter. Though I feel that this shirt should come with a warning-"Wearing this shirt will NOT give you Michael C. Hall's ripped torso". You know better safe than sorry.
[Why oh why doesn't it come with Michael C. Hall?]

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Haiku Reviews for November 21st-Part 1

Ex-Machina #32
W:Brian K. Vaughan
A:Tony Harris

Ave Maria!
Papa don't preach anymore?
Next one ends the arc!

Angel: After the Fall #1
W:Brian Lynch
A:Franco Urru

It's finally here!
The whole gang is back sort of
Shocked and awesome!

She-Hulk #23
W:Peter David
A:Shawn Moll

Let's go to the mall!
Is She-Hulk buds with the Skrulls?
So much fun to boot

Monday, November 19, 2007

Is it Wednesday Yet??? *UPDATED WITH 100% MORE ANGEL!*

So even though it isn't Thanksgiving here in Canada this week (which is still so hard to get used to) I will be gladly filling my plastic cornucopia (not a euphemism) with some comic book goodness.
Angel:After The Fall #1!!!
Umbrella Academy #3
Ex Machina #32
The Spirit #11
Lone Ranger #10
Checkmate #20
She Hulk #23
Catwoman #73
Powers #27
New X-Men #22/Messiah Complex #4
Loners #6

Not that I don't love all the writers but this week's art roster is all-star with Bá, James Jean, Harris, Darwyn Cooke, Cassaday, Hughes, Oeming, Ramos and Karl Moline! [End of extreme fangirlyness. Well at least until Wed.]

Is it Wednesday Yet???-MOVIE EDITION!!!

I love the holiday season because it is all about gluttony. From the myriad of sales to the exhausting number of "holiday" films this is the best time of year for those who like shiny new things and movies (so in other words-me).

So here's how I will be spending my Thanksgiving Weekend in a country that "celebrated" it over a month ago.

Enchanted- You had me at Disney Metafiction! (And of course James Marsden)

August Rush-It just isn't the holidays without a movie that brings children and parents together in some endearing way. Which is a stark contrast to the usual way children and parents come together- Money &/or Food Transaction.

Hitman: I will watch ANYTHING with Timothy Olyphant. Yes, that includes Catch & Release. [Have The Powers That Be thought of pulling a Joss and doing a comic book Season 4 of Deadwood? Because I am in desperate need of some closure!]

The Mist: I have a confession to make: At Comic-Con the sight of Thomas Jane & Marcia Gay Harden a mere 6 inches from me caused me to go all Paparazzo on them. I seriously felt possessed. [End of confession] That totally doesn't even explain why I want to see this movie. In all honesty I don't know why I want to watch it. Perhaps it's because TBS won't let me forget that I love that scene in Deep Blue Sea where Samuel L. Jackson gets eaten by the shark. Ah, good times!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

"I don't read the words. I just like it when he punches people."

If you didn't see tonight's episode of The Simpsons-"Husband & Knives" bribe whoever has it on their TiVo and sit back and enjoy. This episode is all sorts of awesome!

The first ten minutes of the episode are all about the cool new comic book store in town run by a guy with a.....wait for it.......GIRLFRIEND! I know the stuff of fiction, right???

Naturally since the new comic book guy is all hip to the indie comix he gets autreurs Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, & Daniel Clowes to do a signing at his store. But things get ugly though when Comic Book Guy attacks the cool new store (whose owner *gasp* cares what customers think). Thank God The League of Extraordinary Freelancers is there to defend all things good, pure, and indie! Gotta love the beefcake!

<-----Alan Moore irked (like my Canada-inhabitating self) that DC isn't releasing Black Dossier outside of the US.

<--On the other hand Daniel Clowes wouldn't mind it if DC would get more of any eye for details. Especially when it comes to Batman's utility belt- complete with a money dispenser for the billionaire crime fighter "in case he has to take the bus".

Now filming in Vancouver for a 2009 release....

All the dialogue in the comic book shops is gold (Reason #425 of why you should support the WGA) but I particularly love this line-
"These books are meant to be read and enjoyed not hoarded and then sold when you get divorced"-Cool Comic Book Guy With a Girlfriend Who Wears a Pork Pie Hat (voiced by Jack Black)

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
For Your Consideration
Alan Moore for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance

(Entry clip)
Bart: Alan Moore! You wrote my favorite issues of Radioactive Man!
Alan Moore: Oh really! So you like that I made your favorite superhero a heroin addicted jazz critic who's not radioactive?!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anders to go all HITCH on our asses???

Word on the proverbial street (read: is that Michael Trucco (aka Mr.Thrace) has been signed on for the lead of a new comedy pilot for NBC. While that's great news and all I was a little distraught by the gist of the show---"a pilot about a cad who puts his skills to use in helping women find romance." First off, I'm not cool with them using "cad" to foster airs of sophisticated comedy when they really just mean 'jerk'. But you know saying 'jerk' would probably alienate the lucrative ladies of the 18-35 like Boston Legal does to the under 40. Second, NBC should really be using Michael Trucco's talent (& scorching hottness) to add some much needed flavor to the Bionic Woman cast instead of just fulfilling their contractual obligation to Conan.

PS. Why didn't anyone tell me he was in Next? I'm still beating myself (read: baristas) over not having witnessed this marvel of modern day cinema!

I love this frakking track!!!-Amerie's 'Crush'

This song is just brilliant!!!

'Crush' [fabulously produced by The Buchanans] provides a much needed break from the perennial vocoded stylings of Rihanna & Brit. It's off of Amerie's album 'Because I Love It" which is yet to be released in North America (yet readily available in the UK). [BTW: Ciara's 'C.R.U.S.H.' is also fab with all its 'uh uh uh uh ahs']


I have a ritual every Wednesday evening where I check Cinema Clock to see what's heading to a cinema near me and then plan my weekend accordingly. Tonight's no exception. Except the movie that I wanted to see, 'Richard Kelly's Southland Tales', isn't opening in Vancouver or anywhere in the Lower Mainland. There have been, in the past, widely distributed movies that never opened in Vancouver but they usually fall under 'urban fare' like 'Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?" [Though oddly Maddea's Family Reunion did have a short run]. While Vancouver is no LA or NYC it is the 3rd largest city in Canada (and home to many television and movie productions) so why isn't Southland Tales opening here this Friday??? I guess I'll have to settle for a double-bill of Cruel Intentions & The Rundown (aka Rumble in the Jungle) and reading the prequal graphic novel to get my fix. Damn you Van-City!!!!
(Though maybe I can get the neighborhood Browncoats to start a petition or something.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Haiku Reviews for Nov 7!!!-Part 2

Astonishing X-Men #23
W: Joss Whedon
A: John Cassaday
C: Laura Martin

Brilliant art and script
Joss remembers it’s Showtime
Frost is my hero

The Vinyl Underground #2
W:Si Spencer
A: Simon Gane
I:Cameron Stewart
Cover:Sean Phillips

Amis-style occult
Thank You for the Mayfield nod
Resolution soon?

The Order #4
W: Matt Fraction
A: Barry Kitson
I: Mark Morales & John Sibal
C: Dean White & SOTO

Zobos everywhere!
While they have their own problems
Order will prevail

Robbie Williams checked into Arkham Asylum???

I guess this goes under "I learn something new everyday"

The cover to Robbie Williams' 2005 album Intensive Care was designed by frequent collaborators (& Scots) Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. The album art features predominately tarot card images much like Morrison & McKean's 1989 graphic novel, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. maybe that's where Robbie got the name for Intensive Care. Not so much a jab at his personal history in and out of rehab centers but a veiled criticism of psychotherapy. Which I guess fits with his whole plan to create a Scientology-esque religion dedicated to aliens and celebrities. Actually now that I think about it I'm not seeing any difference between the two.

I have to admit that while I do find it interesting that Robbie teamed up with Morrison & Quitely I'm still floored by the fact that Intensive Care is his best selling album to date with 7 million copies since I cannot name one song off that album (read: the songs Millennium, Angels, Rock DJ, or Kids are not on the tracklist).

Oh and according to the ever so credible Wikipedia entry, Robbie is working on a follow-up to "Swing When You're Winning" called "Lets Swing Again". Perhaps Robbie is angry that Burnaby's Michael Bublé does the same thing and becomes a hit in North America (and subsequently gets to date compatriot Emily Blunt).

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

BSG Razor Haiku Review

Battlestar Galactica: Razor
Directors: Félix Enríquez Alcalá & Wayne Rose
Writers: Ronald D. Moore (developer) & Michael Taylor (writer)

Since it was TWO hours of BSG-goodness, it requires TWO haikus:

BSG's back
Pegasus' past foreshadows
Kara Thrace is what...?

Young Adama,
Lesbian Cain and guilty Shaw
Make Razor kick ass!

See the full review here.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Not-so-extreme Home Makeover-Fangirl Edition

So Yay I've got a new piece of art that is now hanging up in my place. It's page 9 of issue 3 of The Escapists done by local guy Steve Rolston. Isn't it beautiful?

Forget Glass Slippers-Fables' Cinderella rocks Miu Miu!

Cinderella is decked out in Miu Miu Spring 2006 (seen on Jessica Stam) in issue 60 (p.11) of Fables. So I guess business must be booming at The Glass Slipper. Major props to Marc Buckingham for keeping it real because you know no self-respecting woman living in the Upper West Side like Cindy would wear anything less than runway (even during an interrogation). Considering that Miu Miu-wearing Cindy is not only a entrepreneur but also a [spoiler] secret agent officially makes her 'who I want to be when I grow up'. I absolutely love this book!

Here's a little educational analogy to bridge your comic book and fashion knowledge together:

Vertigo is to DC as Miu Miu is to Prada

The former is the younger, hipper, & quirkier offshoot of the latter.
Go out and impress people with your fashion knowledge!

BTW: This post totally brings up painful memories of my last two pairs of Miu Miu sunglasses that are now in Fashion Heaven. Rest in Pieces :(

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'd Tap That Fictional Ass!-The Lone Ranger/John Reid

The Lone Ranger-John Reid
1. He’s a Texas Ranger
• I’ve been socialized to believe that all Texas Rangers are insanely hot. In 90% of romance novels revolving around anything remotely Texan, there’s always a character who’s an insanely hot Texas Ranger (usually a widow with a rambunctious toddler-not that I read a lot of those books or anything) .

2.His Iconic Outfit
• The man knows how to accessorize! His white cowboy hat matches perfectly with his four legged companion Silver. Also he never goes anywhere without his bandanna and cowboy boots. The domino mask that he uses to conceal his identity is also a fantastic way to protect John’s delicate eye area from the unforgiving Texas sun. Sun damage is a) Bad for your health & b)Leads to unsexy crows’ feet!
• The costume is a symbol of Texas with its use of the flag's colors and its no-frills pragmatic simplicity. It's so ingrained in Texan culture that every high school/college dance team in Texas dresses in a femme version of the Ranger uniform.3. He has his own creed
• While those morally ambiguous anti-heroes are hot as hell (see: Batman, Han Solo, et al.) a guy who wears his moral code on his sleeve and actually lives it (albeit fictionally) is even sweller.

4. He has a cool ride
• Silver has to have way better handling than a Ford Mustang. Plus it’s way more environmentally friendly than a Prius!
5. He has his own theme music
• I triple dog dare you to not think of Rossini’s William Tell Overture when reading The Lone Ranger. See! Impossible!
6. He’s drawn by John Cassaday
• Since I'm Texan (I hope you got that if you've read this far), I'm loving that a Texan is art directing & doing covers for the origin story of a Texas icon. Plus anything Cassaday=awesomely fantastic.

The Casting Couch
• Mmm this is a tough one. He needs to be Texan. And he needs to not look ridiculous in a domino.
• I’m going to go with Benjamin McKenzie. (If you've got a better candidate, comment!!!)
• Texan-Check!
• Looks good in a domino-Check! (I'm guessing since he’s got a very strong jaw-much like the Cassaday incarnation)
• I’m going to give him major points for doing Junebug instead of something like John Tucker Must Die. Plus season 1 of the OC was brilliant! Don’t let anybody convince you otherwise.
Big Bad Bonus-I would love to see Matthew McConaughey play baddie Cavendish since he’s so quintessentially Texan (See: Stetson Ads). And I'd just love to see him play a baddie for once.

So if you haven’t checked out Brett Matthews, John Cassaday, & Sergio Cariello’s The Lone Ranger series from Dynamite do yourself a HUGE favor and pick it up like now!

Haiku Reviews for Nov 7!!!-Part 1

Buffy Season 8 #8
W:Brian K. Vaughan
A:Georges Jeanty
Cover:Jo Chen

BKV explores
B & F’s issues galore.

G shows Faith the door?

Y-The Last Man #59
W:Brian K. Vaughan
A:Pia Guerra
I:Jose Marzan, Jr.

Hard truths for Yorick
See You Next Tuesday Alter

Why must you conclude?

Criminal #10
W:Ed Brubaker
A:Sean Phillips

A Holiday heist

Still not the end for Tracy

Crime with heart done right

Scalped #11
W:Jason Aaron
A:R.M. Guerra

Poor Mama Bad Horse

trying hard to set things right.

Gritty and Moving

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why was this song not on BLACKOUT???

Teen Horniness Is Not a Crime
From Richard Kelly's Southland Tales

I actually want to pull a Britney and call it 'Teen Horniness is Not a Crime (OMWF)'. I actually like this song 100 times better than Kylie's new one or Britney's Piece of Me. Mmm SMG and The Rock in one movie? How can I not plan on seeing it? Especially since I missed out on The Game Plan.

Update: The song is available on iTunes for your convenience.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Is Marc Cherry Sending Me a Shout-Out???

The preview for next week's episode of Desperate Housewives shows Gabrielle throwing her Senator hubby off a boat that not only bears my name but also my 'hood! Crazy!

Well I have to say that I'm glad that it happened this season instead of in the last two.

BTW: Nathan Fillion going all Herman Munster=priceless.
Joss please let him do something Gepetto-y on Dollhouse!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Haiku Reviews for October 31st

Dynamo 5 #8
W:Jay Faerber
A:Mahmud A. Asrar
C:Ron Riley

So the boys are benched?
Cool showdown for the women
My fave hero clan

Jack of Fables #16
W:Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges
A:Andrew Robinson

A Halloween Treat
Jack makes deals with the Devils
Superbly Funny

X-Men Messiah Complex One-Shot
W: Ed Brubaker
A: Marc Silvestri

Miracle Baby
New hope for the X-Men or
another dead end?