Thursday, February 28, 2008


More McAvoy @ WonderCon

*No I will not go into the library with you!**Mark Millar is NOT the Last King of Scotland*
*I WAS NOT IN 300!*
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The Truth is Here/The X-Files Panel @ WonderCon

Hello Everyone. My name is Mercedes. And I'm an X-Phile.
*YES , OF COURSE there'll be an Evolution sequal*X-Files creator Chris Carter takes picture of the audience.
Yes folks the people in the front row were worthy of a National Geographic cover.*I have two Golden Globes. I don't need this shiz*

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stay Tuned for more WonderCon 2008 coverage!

fyi: Just in case you didn't know---- You can enlarge all of the pictures by clicking on them

The many faces of James McAvoy @ WonderCon

*EFF! I WAS in Wimbledon with Kirsten Dunst!*James starts to sing for the 5 of us who saw Starter For 10James McAvoy has the BEST ponderous face. Ever.
[All photos copyright Mercedes/PopColony]

Russell Brand is one of my new faves-WonderCon

Forgetting Sarah Marshall @ WonderCon/Friday
I didn't even know who Russell Brand was before going to the Forgetting Sarah Marshall panel on Friday (I don't care what you say Manuel!!!) but I'm seriously a better person after seeing him in the panel. The man was effing hilarious! I never thought I'd hear an analogy using blood/crypts and WonderCon/Comic-Con at a panel...ever.
The panel as a whole was pretty funny thanks to Brand and Jack McBrayer. As for the had me at Bill Hader (who was a no-show since he was doing the first post-strike SNL) & Jack McBrayer (who btw you must catch in the new Mariah Carey video "Touch My Body). Kristen Bell seriously had the best facial expressions.
*(WTF? I'm on effing Heroes???*
*Well if ScarJo can bastardize Waits...*

BEST PICTURE OF 2008:Wall-E @ WonderCon

Disney/WALL-E panel @ WonderCon/SaturdayWall-E director Andrew Stanton shared some clips from the movie and I must say I can already tell it's going to be my favorite movie of the year. Any movie that draws inspiration from Sci-Fi movies and musicals is going to earn a special place in my heart. Those PIXAR people scare/excite me with their constant brilliance. Stockholm please give these people a prize!

GLAU! @ WonderCon

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles panel @ WonderCon/Sunday
I only caught the very end of The Terminator:SCC panel on Sunday but I did manage to catch the clip from the season finale. I have to admit I haven't been following the show too closely but I have seen a couple of eps. Mostly in support of Glau. The panel did convince me that Kevin Zegers doppelgänger Thomas Dekker is indeed a hottie mostly because he actually looked like he really enjoyed being in the panel.

On a somewhat connected note: Did you know that Canuck Kevin Zegers is in those CKin2U ads? Talk about nondescript! They could have at least shown his entire face! But I digress from the WonderCon recap.

There's no escaping Michael Chabon @ WonderCon

Michael Chabon @ WonderCon 08/Saturday
"Mercedes like Count of Monte Cristo." I think in my entire life only three people have ever made that connection. The other person was a woman working at the gift shop of the Dolores Mission in San Francisco. I had Mr.Chabon sign my HC The Escapists which was awesome. BTW everything is awesome about him if you're wondering. I'm still pretty starstruck. The man has a well deserved Pulitzer and is a super nice person.
On a side note: I really wish he could have signed my page from issue 3 but that baby is hanging beautifully in my solarium.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Like A Make-a-Wish Kid: The X-Files WonderCon Panel

Just knowing that Gillian's favorite episode is "Bad Blood" (and David making fun of her for it) was worth the whole trip.

The Devil Wears Manga Costumes

Anne Hathaway looked fabulous @ WonderCon on Saturday.
BTW:This weekend was like 2 degrees of James McAvoy! Anne & James co-starred in last year's "Becoming Jane". And fellow Saturday Panelist Gillian Anderson starred with him in 2006's "Last King of Scotland".
[more pics later!]

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I LOVE JAMES MCAVOY! [or How I love Wonder-Con!]

I saw James McAvoy @ WonderCon on Friday. You can be jealous now.
[More pictures to come later!]

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Countdown to WonderCon: Is Yorick Brown in town?

So I arrived today in San Francisco for WonderCon after taking pretty much every mode of transportation invented by man. BTW: San Fran is busting at the seams with Geeks since there is also a gaming developers conference in town. Needless to say I've overheard TONS of fascinating conversations. But I did manage to make it to Fishermans Wharf today and do some sightseeing (ie: taking a zillion pics of The Rock). Which is where I came across the straight-jacket and of course thought of dear (now) old Yorick. Ah I'm ready for the con to start! But till then some retail therapy in Union Square will have to do.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm a Barbie (Bat)girl

These dolls look 150% better than anything I've seen in the back of Previews in a long time (that manga version of Wonder Woman still makes me sick). I never thought we would have to look to Barbie for a more "realistic" representation of the female form. Wonder Woman actually as her bum covered! But seriously just look at that hair! The hair alone would quantify me adding these gorgeous dolls to my collection.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

On the PC Casting Couch- Y:THE LAST MAN- Part 1

Y: The Last Man concluded last week with issue 60. And like any good fangirl I'm totally not over it. So I’m going to throw around my favorite celebs for the impending Y movie in a three part series.

You don’t fuck with loyal Israeli commando Alter. She will pop a cap in your ass whether you’re a judge court marshaling her or the most awesome secret agent ever. So consequently the actress playing Alter must also be fierce. Cue: Ms.Connelly. There’s a reason why Mr.Ghesquiere decks Jennifer out in Balenciaga toujours.

Agent 711 is no Dr.Phil. Her interventions involve a lot more whipping and a lot less clothes. La bella Bellucci is no stranger to corsets and whips. It comes with the territory for being a muse to Dolce & Gabbana for more than a decade. So in other words she’s absolutely perfect. And if there is anyone that can get you to confess your deepest secrets it’s going to be signorina Bellucci.

Well she is Russian. And she would totally satisfy a model trifecta with Jennifer and Monica. So why not?

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Hotties of Wondercon 2008!!!

With two weeks to go, the programming schedule for WonderCon is finally up! Needless to say I'm super effin exctied for this show. Nothing is going to beat Saturday! -->DAVID & GILLIAN TOGETHER AGAIN AT LAST!!!
But I know why you come to PC and that's for some hotties. So I won't bore you with any more words.
Jason Segal
Bill Heder
Jack McBrayer
James McAvoy
Brendan Fraser

David Duchovny
Joshua Jackson
Steve Carell
John Cho

Thomas Dekker (T:SCC)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

If I Were Hillary Clinton's Campaign Manager...

I would make Puerto Rican hottie Carlos Ponce's "Mujer Con Pantalones" her Latino ( and/or Into Ridiculously Hot Guys) Vote campaign theme song.

A mi me gusta la mujer con pantalones
Que tenga siempre su opinion y sus razones

I like women who wear the pants
Who always has her opinion and her reasons

Why Carlos Ponce would be the perfect poster boy for Hillary...
-He's been in several Mexican Telenovelas [I still miss Quadalupe!]
-He stared in the successful Miami-based Telenovela "Dame Chocolate" which stars prominent South American actors: Genesis Rodriguez [daughter of Venezuelan icon Jose Luis "El Puma" Rodriguez], Colombian Kristina Lilley, Venezuelan Eduardo Serrano,
-He was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico [Also the birthplace of Benicio del Toro & Joaquin Phoenix]
-His looks reflect his Cuban heritage [His parents emigrated to PR from Cuba after the revolution]

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bonjour Madame First Lady!

Should we be surprised that France 's new First Lady is a Supermodel! Non Absolument! Yesterday French President Nicolas Sarkozy married his girlfriend of a few months the devine Carla Bruni. A former face of CHANEL, Bruni's now a successful musician with two (surprisingly excellent) albums under her Chanel chain belt. With a Supermodel in France's White House, Paris is truly the undisputed Fashion Capital of the World.

Canada should really take this as a hint to glam up Ottawa. Perhaps Jessica Stam for Governor General?

[While many reports refer to Bruni as "former Supermodel", Pop Colony believes that being a Supermodel is a lot like being canonized. Once you become a Super you're one for life.]