Tuesday, October 9, 2007

You'll be a better person if...

You head over to PopCultureShock and check out The Bruce Timm Gallery. For those poor souls who don't know who Bruce Timm is prepare to be enlightened.

Bruce Timm is an Eisner winning animator, writer, director and producer.
More importantly he's given us Tiny Toon Adventures, Batman: The Animated Series (my personal fave), Batman Beyond, The New Batman Adventures, Superman:The Animated Series, and Justice League.

Timm (along with Paul Dini) created Harley Quinn who happens to be one of my favorite characters ever on B:TAS. Kevin Smith even named his daughter after the character!

Fans call his series collectively the Timmverse. And yes, like all fandoms they argue about canonical issues within the verse. Which makes for some fun fights.

Plus he's an Aquarian. And what can I say? Aquarians Rock!!!

So the moral of this post is this: Bruce Timm is Awesome. Please bask in his Awesomeness.

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