Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Is Pushing Daisies trying to send a shout out to BKV???

Just got done watching this week's Pushing Daisies (which was funny, lovely, had a character named Manuel, and even had some singing by Cheno) and couldn't help but notice some similarities to the BKVerse.

The Coeur d'Coeurs movie theatre is playing the Frank Capra-Cary Grant classic Arsenic & Old Lace. For those of you who haven't read Runaways (First off, Shame on You!), runaway Gert inherits a telepathically controlled dinosaur (or whatever Barney looking animal it is) from her evil parents. When the kids decide to give themselves cool code names Gert chooses Arsenic and names her new pet, Old Lace. Being the TCM junkie that I am I truly love this movie reference.

Ned's partner Emerson Cod knits when he gets stressed. Just like our favorite Culper Ring agent, 355! In the past week since Chuck has been alive he's knitted two gun-cozies. A long-running joke in Y:The Last Man was that 355's knitting project was a gun cozy. It turned out to be a scarf for Yorick but I like to believe that maybe she had some leftover yarn and decided to make the gun cozy for herself, after all.
This show is definitely (by far) my favorite new show of the season!

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