Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Someone please get WONDER WOMAN a protein shake, ASAP!!!

I just saw this in DC's January solicitations:
JLA CLASSIFIED #50-51 Written by Roger Stern Art by John Byrne & Mark Farmer Covers by Joshua Middleton

So yeah this --------> IS NOT cool.
Wonder Woman looks so skinny that
it looks like her bracelets are too heavy for her arms to even lift!
Notice how she's trying to break free from her lasso but can't manage to flex a muscle. It even looks as if her hair is limp and thinning as the result of poor nutrition! All I can think of when I look at it is Laura Flynn Boyle. Uggh.
Also not cool: her wrists=diameter of lasso.

My biggest worry is that this is all part
of the warm-up marketing for the (probably awful) JLA movie. I guess this way they can get away with casting an actress with negative muscle mass. Because you know how movie audiences are easily frightened by athletic-looking women in leotards.

I want Wonder Woman to look like she can kick your ass just by looking at you. Like Madonna or Angela Bassett.

So someone please get this woman a protein shake so that she can get some biceps!!!
(Note: I have way less issues with the solo Wonder Woman run art. Actually in Annual #1 she's never looked better. Love that hair!)

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