Wednesday, January 30, 2008


While everyone is patting Cloverfield’s back (and I guess that would be JJ Abrams’ back) for its “innovative” marketing campaign, Michel Gondry shows you what innovation truly is in his meta-trailer for “Be Kind Rewind”.

Gondry’s re-working of the trailer brilliantly ends up being an homage to a movie we haven’t seen yet. Gondry proves that marketing can be more than a series of cheap gags meant to build a thin air of suspense. Marketing can *gasp* be enthusiasm for a superior product. Obviously Gondry loves this movie and wants us to watch it and love it too. Though if you think I’m full of shit go with Emerson who said “Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.”

Be Kind Rewind is out February 22 2008

Oh and the oh-so-hot (and ridiculously funny) Paul Dinello is in it. Need I say more?

[Season 3 Episode 22: Is Freedom Free?]

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

BONO SAYS -"Irish people are essentially Latin people who don't know how to dance"

Bono said "Irish people are essentially Latin people who don't know how to dance" in an interview with the AP. I seriously effin' hate Bono. Yes even more than before.

That being said us Latinos do know how to move...

Sunday, January 20, 2008


The Inspiration Behind Hud?
[And no, I am not talking about the film with Paul Newman, Melvyn Douglas, & Patricia Neal though you should definitely see it anyways.]

Cloverfield-Haiku Review!!!!Shaky camera
Not good when you're hungover

Yet entertaining

Daniel Day-Lewis Brings All the Boys to the Yard

There Will Be Blood is absolutely brilliant. But you don't need me to tell you that since it's on a bajillion critics' lists. Though I must point out this one scene in the movie where you truly get owned by DDL :

BTW: Atonement can bite it.
The best thing it had going for it was A) James MacAvoy & B) the 5 and half minute tracking shot on the shore. But lets face it folks this has become the most overrated movie of the year. In all honesty, I liked Pride & Prejudice better. And not just because it had the always brilliant Tom Hollander. But that does play a large part.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Kylie "X" Why?

So Pop Justice's second take on Kylie's X inspired me to give my two cents CDN with a track by track analysis...1-2 Hearts-At first I hated it. Now I just hate it less.
2-Like a Drug-NO
3-In My Arms-I absolutely hate the chorus! That being said I think the main beat is brilliant. Which is quite the paradox since the premise of a Pop Song is a catchy chorus. So unless Kylie is going post-modern on me I'm going to have to just say "No" to this song. Or at least wait for a killer remix.
4-Speakerphone sounds exactly like Britney's Piece of Me. But what Brit had going for her was the self awareness of the lyrics not the boring as eff beat.
5-Sensitized- This track is actually excellent. It recalls the Kate Bush track Jig of Life off of Hounds of Love album because of it's synth-jig. Which in my book is always a good thing unless you're Imogen Heap.
6-Heart Beat Rock- Kylie doing her best MIA impression or is it Boomkat gone right?
7-The One- Not bad. Not Great.
8-No More Rain- I live in Vancouver so this is basically my mantra but this song just blows.
9-All I See- This song should have gone to Cassie of Me & You fame because it is much too R&B for our girl Kylie to handle effectively. Not to say that Kylie can't handle her Trip-Hop a la Body Language (which was Aces).
10-Stars- Stellar beat.
11-WOW-This song is brilliant! As is the performance of it on The Kylie Show. The best track off X.

12-Nu-di-ty-I swear this song was stolen off of Britney's Blackout rejects. Some brilliant Mashup Maestro must put Nu-di-ty against Brit's Get Naked! I can hear the sweet melodious sounds in my ear already.
14-Magnetic Electric- Catchy Euro Pop Bubblegum. There definitely should have been more of these on the album.

The "Didn't make the album but should've" award goes to: Lose Control
It's an Excellent Euro-Pop Song. Which Kylie could've used more of on this album.

Prognosis: Better Luck Next Time!
RX: Kids, Love at First Sight, Red Blooded Woman, Slow

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Can The Amazing Spider-Man Sting?

If Spidey's new status quo appeals to Adult Contemporaries then I guess Marvel can consider this a hit..I keep debating whether to read this issue. On the one hand I really do want to see if Peter Parker's return to Singledom is as funny as Caroline in the City. But on the other hand I refuse to pay $4.05 CDN + 12% GST/PST for a standard size comic book from one of the big two. [This is the same morbid curiosity that leads to the monthly dilemma of deciding whether to buy InStyle. But at least that mag can be the size of a phone book from time to time.]

You know I wouldn't leave you without some dessert...

I'm pretty sure VH1 is still playing this.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Comic Books are in Vogue (literally!)

I thought hell would freeze over (or I'd be named Editor-in-Chief) before Vogue would put comic books on their must list. Well in reality they're putting comic book movie adaptations on the list. But hey we got to start somewhere.

Go check out the January issue of Vogue to read the blurb on p.86.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

MEX MACHINA-Victor Mancha:Part Man. Part Machine. All CHOLO.

A preview sketch from Humberto Ramos' run on Runaways has surfaced on Ramos' blog.My biggest problem has to be with Victor. Why is he wearing a pair of JNCO jeans from 1994??? And what is up with that greasy non-perfectly styled with Bumble & Bumble hair??? And don't even get me started on the whole open shirt thing. I swear he looks like the HOMIES you buy from the machine at the entrance to Wal-Mart!

But I guess this explains a lot about how Victor becomes Big Bad Victorious in the future.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Zac Efron's Bangs+Lucas Grabeel+Jason Nevins=HSM2 sweeping the GLAAD awards

The High School Musical 2 Non-Stop Dance Party (out this week) was produced by.....wait for it....Jason Nevins!!! Yeah I couldn't believe it either. As soon as I saw his name on the thing the sweet sweet sounds of "Touch Me Like That" came into my mind. So of course I bought the CD.

Also purchased tonight at Best Buy...
A Darren Aronofsky Collection: Requiem for a Dream & πI'm still trying to figure out which one is the bigger trip.

Friday, January 4, 2008

POP COLONY PICK!!!-Glamour February 2008

All I need to say to convince you that this mag is worth your time is to list the hotties that make an appearence...
Ryan Reynolds p.154-161
Bradley Cooper p.162
Edgar Ramirez p.163
Justin Long p.164
Jonathan Rhys Meyers p.167
Matthew McConaughey p.168-173
NERD p.196-201
Jerry O'Connell p.202
Will Arnett p.203
James Marsden p.204
Omar Epps p.204
Gavin Rossdale p.205

Drool accordingly.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How Did I Miss This?-Not even The Punisher is immune to the Posh Crop!

I was reading Reflections-Creators' Favorites of 2007 over at Comic Book Resources when I came across the cover to issue #48 of The Punisher. I seriously don't know how I overlooked this cover when it came out in August! A Posh look-a-like on the cover of a comic book? And not just any comic book but The Punisher?? Frank Castle's been through a lot but I never thought he'd go for a girl with a Posh crop (See: Katie Holmes, Kimberly Stewart, & Paris Hilton). Poor Frank!
BTW: The Punisher #48 & The W with Posh & Becks both, coincidently, have August 2007 cover dates.