Monday, January 12, 2009

The Golden Conspiracy


First Off:The Globes steal the Golden Compass font (and Bold it) and don't nominate Nicole for Australia or Daniel for Defiance. Cruel!

On the Other Hand-Yay for Kate! Though I'm going to pretend that she won for The Holiday and Eternal Sunshine. It's seriously like the Foreign Press just watched her Extras appearance and said "Ah True! When we're not slobbering over BioPics we do love a Holocaust movie. And Boobies!"

And on a Final Note: Finally a year where none of the Movie acting winners were for BioPics! Please let this be a trend for a good long while. Unfortuantely I wasn't down with all the winners in the TV acting categories-Seriously WTF Anna Paquin? I can't even hear 'Sookie' without being sent into convulsions. And on top of that she's the only one in her category who appeared topless. Dirty Old Foreign Press! Why do I feel that if Sarah Michelle Gellar had had a nipslip on Buffy she would have a Globe on her bookshelf right now. Bastards.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Submitted For Your Approval: 2009

Hope you're starting the year off right with
The Twilight Zone 50th Anniversary Marathon
going on SCI-FI.
If not, you're missing out on the show that set the Golden Standard for Television writing.
Absolutely Brilliant. And ridiculously addictive.

Here's to a better year in Pop Culture!
Love, Pop Colony