Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ragamuffin Children-Sarah McLachlan & Radiohead's Love Child?

Though Kiwi-act Ragamuffin Children has had their album Werecat Lullabies out for over a year I've only just heard of them. I'm going to blame the tardiness of my enlightenment on the fact that New Zealand is very very far away.
So if you're wondering what Sarah McLachlan & Radiohead's lovechild raised in a boarding school in Iceland run by Sigur Ròs would sound like I definitely recommend checking this Kiwi duo out.
By the way-There seriously must be something in the water out there in New Zealand that makes people pair up and start folk bands (See:Flight of the Conchords). No wonder it's the land of Frodo & Samwise.

Some Track Shots-
Reading the Stone : Classic 'Surfacing' Sarah McLaughlin
Ancestors: Classic McLaughlin/Delirium collabo
Sea Shanty: Sounds exactly like 'Amnesiac' off of Radiohead's 'Ok Computer'
Bullets- Radiohead's 'Everything In Its Right Place' with a slower metronome.
Here's the Rain & Minstrel-If Sigur Ròs ever sang in English...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

JOSS WHEDON is NYLON's Master Now!

If you like fashion (albeit mostly pretentious coastal street style) & Joss Whedon you simply must pick up the September 2008 issue of Nylon-themed quite appropriately "The TV Issue"

I haven't seen this many Whedon references since the contentious New Classics issue of EW earlier this summer.

The standout feature for this issue has to be the 8-PAGE Eliza Dushku photoshoot (p.200) most uncreatively entitled "Welcome to the Dollhouse". Somebody should really be giving Heather Matarazzo royalties for this.

But that's not where the Whedonness ends-
There's also a small feature on two other stars from DOLLHOUSE -Enver Gjokaj & Dichen Lachman on p.193 (Though I wouldn't have minded some Tahmoh Penikett love.)

Then there's the whole page dedicated to why BUFFY is the Greatest Show on Earth on p. 164.
(Which I completely agree with. )

Oh and it doesn't end there!
There's also a FIREFLY inspired fashion spread on p.134.
Style Note: I actually don't agree with the dresses they picked since they decided to focus on River's folksy dress shit that always rubbed me of Amy Grant circa "House of Love". But I'm not against pairing motorcycle boots with floaty dresses. That oddly works.

Oh and did I mention that there's an article on p.161 on the ascending popularity of direct to web programming that gives well deserved props to Joss & Co. for the "silly & funny" Dr.Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog.

Add to all that all the nods to Whedon-Friendlies:
Q&A with Matt Colonna (Editor on Dexter) p.160
Q&A Amanda Friedland (Costume Designer for Terminator:TSCC ) p.158
Interview with the ridiculously funny Mindy Kaling from The Office p.156
Why Battlestar Galactica is the Greatest Show on Earth p.165 *Warning: Season 4 Spoiler *
Why LOST is the Greatest Show on Earth p.163
Q&A with Ken Leung & Rebecca Mader from LOST .185

So in total Joss gets Name-Checked 4 Times!
p.161, p.164, p.193, p.200

In addition to these other shout outs-
p.68 (Buffy), p.133 (Firefly), p.134 (Firefly & Buffy & Sarah Michelle Gellar), p.171 (Buffy)

Now that is some serious Joss-love.

Friday, August 22, 2008

When CRANK met DEATH RACE-AKA: Transporter 3

Who says Jason Statham is typecast?

I have to admit that I'm still a huge fan of the first Transporter since it best embodies what I affectionately classify as Euro-Action-Trash. It's essentially a European homage/knock-off (depending on your level of cynicism) of American action films of the late 80's like Lethal Weapon/Beverly Hills Cop but with a lot more Techno music. PLUS who can honestly admit to themselves that they didn't like the part in Transporter 1 when Statham was fighting shirtless covered in motor oil. People that is what classic movie moments are made of!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'M IN LOVE-Olympics Edition

Mmm a Male Gymnast with Salt & Pepper hair?

Jordan Jovtchev representing Bulgaria (but based out of my hometown of Houston, Texas) was the highlight of the Men's Rings final. He was seriously like sex on a stick (or more acurately on rings) out there in Beijing. Why the hell does he not have a Clarins endorsement or sometihng? That Dolce & Gabanna guy can't do everything! Though now that I take a closer look he reminds me of a seriously ripped Richard Burgi. I definitely wouldn't mind Jovtchev showing up on Wisteria Lane (or my street) in the future.
I must give a shout-out to TiVo & Financial Times for making me aware of the ridiculusly hot Jovtchev.

Friday, August 15, 2008

"You white then you Ben Affleck"

Mmm Paul Rudd & Seann William Scott?
Yes, Please!

Don't Mess with Texas Women!

Huge Kudos to Plano's Nastia Liukin for winning the Gold in the Women's Individual All-Around.

Sorry for the lack of updates but I'm such an Olympics fangirl that I stay glued to all the NBC channels 24/7. Surprising I know! I just love how educational watching the games can be. Like learning that their is a game called handball and, subsequently, that Eastern Europeans are very good at it. But my favorite event bar none is gymnastics. The names Alexi Nemov & Svetlana Khorkina still bring tears in my eyes. Every time I saw Liukin on the uneven bars all I could think was that I totally miss that diva Svetlana Khorkina. They don't make fierce like that anymore. I mean that literally. Since the fall of the USSR the Russians have gotten soft. But the girls from Stick It said it best- "It's not called gymNICEtics."

On a final note I've got to admit that I'm completely gaga over Alexander "Sasha" Artemev's Pommel Horse routine. Seriously OMG!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Greatest Sociolgical Study of All-Time?

Seriously why did no one point out the blog that this book is based-on to me earlier? Talk about a masterpiece! I actually stumbled upon the book at Borders in the "Humor" section today. Though after leafing through it I concluded that it belonged more properly in the "Sociology" section since this phenomenon is unfortunately all-too real. Yes folks the joke is truly on us. And yes I just threw up on my keyboard.