Monday, October 15, 2007

What's Going on the AMEX! -Comic Book Edition

Not that I don't look forward to every Wednesday (except maybe Jan 2) but this week is shaping up to be one of the best!!! I'm officially giddy and in the process of taking out a second mortgage.

Buffy-The Long Way Home TP -Featuring that gorgeous new Jo Chen cover!)
Umbrella Academy #2 -More Bá is always a good thing
Checkmate #19 -Sasha Bordeaux rocks!
DMZ #24 -Helping me get to know (ie: fear) NYC better
Ex-Machina #31 -See Above
Fables #66 - Those James Jean covers are the bees' knees
Killing Girl #3 -can't wait to see who's dead now!
Marvel Comics Presents #2-Kitty Pryde!!!
Powers #26-that last issue was kinky.
Whiteout Vol 2 Melt-The Definitive Edition - Carrie Stetko's the sh*t.
Voodoo Child #4
-I'll buy pretty much anything with Mike Carey's name on it. (All my love for Nick Cage aside)


Manuel B said...

Now, if I have a meeting at 10am, a talk at 11:30, class at 1:10 and another talk at around 4:30, when the eff am I going to get all the good stuff all the way in NYC?! Grr Arrgh...

POP COLONY said...

If I were willing to live in NB,NJ I would totally open a fully stocked comic book store there. Because someone must end the suffering there!!!