Thursday, October 11, 2007

CRAZY SEXY COOL-Kubark Benday of Casanova

I absolutely love Casanova. Let me just get that out there first. It's just a whole lotta fun with cooler-than-cool characters by Matt Fraction and absolutely beautiful artwork by Gabriel Bá. And now that his twin brother Fabio Moon does the interiors it's even more fabulous. What's more awesome than a book about twins with art by Twins? (Hint: the answer is nothing!)

In the back pages of Issue 9, Fabio Moon explains that he wanted Kubark Benday to be a "bad-ass sexy guy". Even though he later admits that Kubark looks like a "Dragonball Wolverine" but I totally think he looks like Benicio del Toro. Kubark gives off a Latino vibe with his low buttoned shirt, crazy styled hair, and liberal use of man-jewlery not to mention the whole cool & sexy thing. Which makes me like this new "potential love interest" for Zephyr even a lot more.

On a Casting Note: Though if I were to cast the movie I'd go with someone younger like Edgar Ramirez or Rodrigo Santoro. Both Latino sexy-cool hotties!!!

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