Monday, November 24, 2008

The Mane Event-Robert Pattinson's Hair for Best Supporting Actor

I usually leave all the Oscar Recommendations to Blog Next Door but I saw Twilight (read:and survived) and my duty to the sanctity of Pop Culture won't let me to abide without comment.
Much like Tom Hanks' BFF Wilson the Volleyball Rob's hair transcends that which is inanimate (his character Vamp Edward Cullens) into something that is full of soul (and by appearences B&B's Sumotech). Whenever the movie got a little too Fangsty for me (due in large part to copius overacting) I knew I could just count on the hair to whisk my mind away to the editorials of V-Man or Vogue Homme. But seriously, Rob's hair out-acted (long seen-or-heard from) Peter Facinelli in the movie. To be as accurate as possible his hair out-acted everyone in this movie except perhaps TV guest star-staple Billy Burke who thankfully checked all his sentimentality at the door to play dad to Vampstinent Lover, Bella. This people, is why we go to the movies.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Seven Wonders of Pop Colony

I was tagged by Michael from mystuffandcrp oh so long ago to do the 7 things you don't know about me meme (I'm guessing that's grammatically redundant but whatevs. Damn newfangled internet lingo!) So better late than never...

1. The # of Ida Corr songs on my iPod.
And yes it's the Fedde le Grande remix. I am somewhat self-respecting. Oh who am I kidding? It does go great with China Whites and platform dancing.

2. The # of times a day I pray to the Movie gods to be a Guest Programmer on TCM. Seriously I'm crazy learned about classic movies. I'd probably put in my program:
a Joel McCrea & Preston Sturges Duo: Sullivan's Travels & The Palm Beach Story
David Lean's Brief Encounter-Celia Johnson & Trevor Howard make middle-age repression look so hot!
The only Political movies worth watching: Lubitsch's Ninotchka & Capra's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Oh and All 14 movies pairing the best couple in movie history: William Powell & Myrna Loy
So yeah it would probably take a couple of days to watch but it would be well worth it.

3. The # of pairs of Tory Burch Reva flats that I own and wear even when it's raining and freezing. I really love this style because they're flats and they come in all sorts of colors which totally appeals to both my Latin & Preppy sides of my tastes. I actually purchased each pair at Nordstroms although in different states but coincidently in the same emotional state (pure joy).

4. The # of my favorite kick ass comic-book women (all written by Greg Rucka)
1. Queen & Country: I'm dumbfounded to why this isn't a franchise yet (or at the least a BBC series. Yes I'm talking to you producers of MI5/Spooks!) . And it has all the makings of a female Bourne but without the pesky memory loss. Seriously check out this book if you have any love for the spy genre. Did I mention it's like Alias but with an extra helping of angst and none of the absurdity?
2. Whiteout: The protagonist Carrie Stetko is a brunette with freckles who lives in a cold place. So I can quite easily relate. But the book is also a great mystery story set in the fascinating (and according to Leo & Al-Disappearing) Antarctica. And really no one does non-grating self-destructive characters like Greg Rucka.
3. Checkmate: Sasha Bordeaux may have a Bond Girl name but she's 150% kick-ass and sports one of the most enviable hairstyles in comics ever. Take that Sally Hershberger!
4. Wonder Woman: Everyone has their take on Diana but I've got to say Rucka's has been one of the most satisfying as of late. Pitting Diana against dirty politicians is rife with drahmah. I guess I'm a sucker for what seems to be a Rucka trademark: the female led political thriller.
Rucka's run was also highlighted by gorgeous covers by JG Jones.

5. The # of framed pieces of James Jean (of Prada Fairies fame) art hanging in my apartment-including a sketch he did for me at New York comic-con. Unsurprisingly the guys at the framing store refer to me as "That Comic-Book Girl".

6. The # of movies (off the top of my head) that apparently only I can love:
A Good Year-Ridley! Marion! Tom Hollander!
Domino- Edgar Ramirez! Tony Scott!
The Lake House-Keanu!
What a Girl Wants-Amazonian Bynes!
Live Free or Die Hard-A car takes down a plane for goodness sake!
Imposter-Seriously you have to see it for Gary Sinise. Hot!!

7. The average # of times a week I go to Starbucks.
And no I don't order a Bitch drink. I keep it simple- Grande Vanilla Latte usually iced though sometimes reg.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quantum of *Steve* [Updated w/ more Craig!]

I literally just got back from seeing Quantum. I'm in no position to do a review of it since my Daniel Craig love is so strong it sent me to a sneak preview (& not the free kind!) of Golden Compass. And when I visited London this past spring I had no problem doling out £13 at VUE Leicester Square to see Flashbacks of a Fool. Who am I, a lowly colonial, to pass up a Daniel Craig film in his motherland? Not to mention Eve and Claire Forlani are in it!

Though I will share that while I was watching the movie I couldn't help but notice all the Steve McQueen shout-outs. If it's not intentional it's got to be some serious subconscious stuff on the part of Paul Haggis & Co.
The Thomas Crown Affair-Though Daniel technically dons the three piece at the end of Casino Royale I'm still going to conclude that McQueen was Tom Ford's muse for Blond Bond. Tom even put Daniel in some aviators à la Thomas Crown for the majority of Quantum. OCD Cred-Persol was the brand of choice of Mr.Crown and coincidently for Mr.Craig in Casino Royale.

The Great Escape
- Can you really think of a motorcycle jump independently from McQueen? Didn't think so.

Bullitt-A car chase that ends with the perps dead and an angry superior fuming over lost tesimony. Sounds pretty familiar. Oh and there's that whole matter (albeit a sexy one) about the classic style of a cardigan and shirt.

The Towering Inferno-If you saw Quantum you'll get the connection. But even if you haven't seen it I think the symbolism is pretty clear. Fire=Hot=Hottie

No Shirt. No Problem.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gwyneth is Patrick Bateman (but without the ridunculous bod)

Gwyneth once again shares a morsel of her cultured soul with us poor masses via GOOP:
“The only one that is not free is Zagat, which I have an obsession with. I literally do not go out to eat until I reference it.
G somehow manages to sound more like Patrick Bateman than Patrick Bateman! And Lest we forget her affiliation with Huey Lewis which spawned a Chart Topping Single to boot (Bad Aussies!).
It will not come as a complete surprise to me if Gwyneth dishes next on her favorite NYC Dry Cleaners who coincidentally have no problems with verbal abuse for not adequately laundering her white linens.

[BTW: I know that you totally saw through my rant for what it really is-an excuse to post Christian Bale channeling his New Wave-Riche via a at-home tanning bed.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Turf War: Gwyneth vs. Oprah & Martha!

Gwyneth's in the process of launching her Lifestyle website (which is just a pretentious way of saying BLOG)-GOOP whose nauseating (or hence forth to be known as Bounce-ing) motto is "Nourish the Inner Aspect" 
Is this Gwyneth trying to be the White Oprah or is she trying to out-WASP Martha Stewart?
I don't know but I'm pretty sure this is only going to get ugly. G-You just don't start moving in on 3-comma Divas with battalions of découpaging loyalists! This is actually wise advice to anyone who wanders accidently (or otherwise) into the scrapbooking section of a store. 

The layout looks like the love child of O and Real Simple (or like a J.Crew Catalogue) 
I haven't seen this much unrepentant WASPosity since I found myself in a Lily Pulitzer store in Dallas trying (and failing) not to laugh at a man trying to rationalize (and failing) purchasing a seersucker shirt. 

Gwyneth's already done enough harm to my inner aspect by making something called View From the Top. Which I would have nightmares about if it wasn't for Mark Ruffalo's presence. 
But if Gwyneth is going to nourish my inner aspect I'm pretty sure that it'll be by watching the Didotastic Sliding Doors (with perhaps a Sliding Fraiser chaser). 
Now I'm not going to totally write-off GOOP (though Gwyneth probably will as a Charitable Contribution to the proper life-styling of Plebs) but I won't mind giving it a look-see if she promises to include her truly awesome mom/underrated comedic genius Blythe. 

Director's Cut: I was originally going to title this post "The Hateration of Gwyneth"  which would have been both a Mary J. Blige (or MJB to ye clubmix kids) and a Julie Andrew reference but I thought it would be lost on most people except the exceptionally (read: neurotically) popcultured. Oh or that people would think that the post was about defending G. I'll leave that to Vogue. 

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Du(t)chesses Face-Off!

I actually thought it was going to be worse. A lot worse.
So as far as expectations go (however low they were) I'd say that they were generally exceeded.
To get to the point- It was a good BBC Corset-Melodrama but with a fantastically lavish costume and makeup budget (mind you not Sofia Coppola fantasic but then again she's a Coppola so money's no object). Though it REALLY needed some more scrumptious Dominic Cooper (Mamma Mia suffered from this exact same problem). I didn't really think producers needed it spelled out but here's a freebie for you guys: Hot Guys - Shirt = Happy Movie-Goer *says the girl who saw Into the Blue in theaters*
And I'll give Keira & Crew extra points for keeping it under 2 hours. Well Barely. But hey it's a corset piece.
If you ever wondered what a Spelling Bee set to pop music would sound like...
London Bridge-Not that I don't love the track but the video is all sorts of awesomeness.
Fergalicious & Glamourous- Spelling Bee Pop in the vain of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. & C.R.U.S.H. And Fergie carves out her niche in pop---Adjectives!
Clumsy-Like all good pop this song is just plain catchy as a cold. And oh wait is that another adjective?!

Note: Being the forgiving soul that I am I will offer Fergie a reprieve for the Big Girls Don't Cry lyric "Like a child misses its blanket" even though it does make me vomit everytime I hear. Though the numerous shots of China Whites that I usually consume when the song plays could also be a factor. Maybe.

WINNER: FERGIE-With a solid win!
While Keira's Duchess is definitely watchable (and perhaps enjoyable to some) Fergie's Dutchess is really the Gift that Keeps on Giving. Just try listening to Fergalicious only once. See it's impossible!