Monday, October 8, 2007

Going Geek on Film:Hugh Dancy

In The Jane Austen Book Club Hugh Dancy plays Grigg a IT millionaire/Cyclist/ Sci-Fi Fanboy. He goes to Sci-Fi conventions, can detect Buffy fandom, and decks out his house with an impressive collection of toy robots & Sci-Fi posters. The ladies in the book club usually look at him like he's one of aliens that he loves to read about. Especially when he analogizes Austen's Mansfield Park to Empire Strikes Back much to the group's disapproval.

What I love about Hugh's geeks is that he keeps it cool & high-brow. In JABC he shows his love interest that Science Fiction is worth reading and worthy of literary praise as much as the other 'respected ' genres. And in Blood & Chocolate he calls himself a graphic novelist instead of just some comic book guy.So all in all Hugh Dancy is keeping Geek very Chic (& HOT) on Film.
Yay Hugh!

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