Saturday, October 6, 2007

Jamie Bamber-Unrated & Extended!!!

This year is shaping up to be THE year for Made-for-TV-Movies. First we had the High-ly anticipated High School Musical 2 and now coming up in November (24th, mark your calendar kiddos!) is Battlestar Galactica:Razor!!!

I saw a preview for it at Comic-Con and needless to say the promo was awesome. But you know what's even MORE awesome?
Razor will be available on DVD 9 days later (Dec 4)!!!

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE......The DVD is the Unrated Extended Edition!!!

Apparently someone at SCI-FI is totally giddy about this because when you go to the SCI-FI page it's written 'Extented'. Mmm...I wonder what the person who did the write up was thinking about (cough*VIPER*cough)??????

BTW-Jamie Bamber all Unrated and Extended
proves that The Secret works for reelz.

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