Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Guess Who's Not Not Hot?

Here I'll enlighten you to the Hotties of the world. This week.....

Television writer- Drew Goddard!

Ht: 6'4'' (Damn!!!)
So lets go down his hit parade…
• 5 episodes Buffy (including two of my all-time favorites, Selfless & Conversations With Dead People)
• 5 episodes of Angel (all of them Season 5 gems especially the hilarious The Girl in Question)
• 5 episodes of Alias (including the Series Finale which included Amy Acker)
• 6 episodes of Lost (which currently also employs one of my faves, Brian K. Vaughan)
•Upcoming Arc of Buffy Season Eight
•Upcoming ultra hush-hush JJ Abrams flick, ‘Cloverfield

Plus he reminds me of a young Gregory Peck (which is always a good thing).

The real experts would have to be the Minions of Ultimate Drew. There you can get your fix (plus some pix).


Ty said...

Seriously...Buffy, Angel, and Alias! Does it really get any better than that?!? (obviously no answer is required)

POP COLONY said...

I almost feel like I made him up. There I go using the secret again!