Sunday, October 7, 2007

Haiku Reviews for Oct 3. Enjoy!!! *Updated*

Buffy Season 8 #7
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Art: Georges Jeanty

Is Faith A new Hope
For ridding bad slayer G?

Find out Read It

JLA Hitman #2
Writer:Garth Ennis
Art: John McCrea

Hitman saves the day
Touching tribute to Tommy
It’s Bueno for sure

Faker #4
Writer: Mike Carey
Art: Jock

People made of goo
Government Conspiracies
Go for the swell art

All-Star Batman & Robin #7
Writer: Frank Miller
Art: Jim Lee

Batman has masked romp
Letting Robin slice faces
WTF Batman?

Here's another one because I like you guys so much...
The Vinyl Underground #1
Writer: Si Spencer
Penciller: Simon Gane
Inker: Cameron Stewart

London Underground
Pretty people solving crimes
Will see how this goes

Do you fine ladies & gents recommend anything?

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