Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Over at the Comic Foundry blog they've posted the trailer to BSG Season 4 (aka The Final Season). Prepare to get teased!

On a side note if you haven't picked up Comic Foundry do yourself a big favor and buy it. It's like the Hugh Dancy of comic book magazines with tidbits on Pop Colony faves Brian K. Vaughan, Matt Fraction, Brian Wood, Buffy, and Kristen Bell. They even have recipes for 'comic cocktails' with names like The Incredible Hulk. And a fashion spread inspired by graphic novel pages. Finally Marc Jacobs and graphic novels together in a place other than my room! But if all these reasons don't make you get it here's another one: They have a fantastic article about Buffy's legacy in comic books and television and even have a 'slayer status' meter using Buffy heads (though I don't agree with one heroine being compared to B).

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