Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'd Tap That Fictional Ass!!

Continuing with our 'damn these men are so hot I wish they were real' post, I thought I'd add yet another BKV alum to the list: Mr (or is it Señor?) Victor Mancha!

Here is a youngster (it's not illegal if he's fictional right?.... right?) who joined that motley crew of Runaways after Nico & co. learned that Victor would grow up to be a spandex-wearing villain responsible for the death of future Avengers-leader Gert. See, turns out our beloved Victor is the son of Ultron - which makes him half-robot. Are you confused yet? Let's just say the only thing you need to know is that Victor has a 'dark side' - a good boy is hard to find, but really, a bad boy is hard to resist.

So, to salute this latin hottie, I give you the Top 5 reason I'd tap that fictional ass (legal age restrictions permitting):

5. He's got an electric personality - not only is quick-witted (as all BKV men tend to be) but he's also electric in the very literal sense of the world. I don't want to get too kinky, but I mean, wouldn't it also be handy for day-to-day fix-its around the house? I think so.

4. He's Latin. And a hot latin at that - think: the Ricky Martin of the Marvel Universe (only without the gyrating hips and/or the homoerotic undertones) But then, wouldn't he be mixed? I mean, latin+robot = ?

3. I already mentioned his dark side, but I also have to add the very dark 'thing' he has going on with Nico (as the POP COLONY readers will recognize) very reminiscent of a certain blond slayer and a peroxide vampire. Nothing says hot like guilt-filled sex.

2. He ha the one thing we prize more than anything else here in POP COLONY: pop culture knowledge. He knows the 'spandex crowd' better than any Comic Book Guy (pink-shirt-wearing or otherwise) which is why his room is filled with all sorts of 'costumes' stuff (Hulk and Spidey figurines, Captain America poster, scattered comic books laying around...) - enough so that Gert goes as far to say that he has a 'man-crush' on them. Thankfully he's also smart (he lets Gert know Lace isn't a velociraptor "She's way too big. Looks more like a Deinonychus with a pedicure") and smart is sexy, remember.

1. Yorick may sport the parka, but really, Victor (courtesy of Adrian Alphona) is one of the hippest 'Runaways' around. (I mean really, how does he afford such outfits and hats when he has no income and can't really walk into fancy LA stores? I guess that's the beauty of comic books - again I am reminded of that Whedon blond whose wardrobe choices come season 7 are way out of her Double Meat Palace/High School Counselor salaries... Yes, I am a firm believer that Joss and Brian are one and the same or that at least Brian's Runaways has always been his 'Buffy')

Favourite Victor-related quote:

Molly to Victor: "You're just a guest-star, and not a special one at that!"

Nicknames: 'Tin Magnet' 'Static Cling Lad' 'Man of La Mancha'


POP COLONY said...

Fantastic Choice, Manuel!!!
On a grooming note: Victor, like Yorick, seems to also spend all of his invisible money on expensive hair care. Because I know honey highlights aren't a by-product of being MEX-MACHINA!!!!

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