Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TV Weather Alert: Bionic Woman has Hottie Drought!

I am enjoying Bionic Woman but they're seriously suffering from a hottie drought. So yeah they introduced a hot doctor (actor Brian Hallisay--->) in tonight's episode but I'm not sure if he's going to be back for more action. The only hot guy (Jamie Summer's MD beau) on the show they killed off before episode 1 was over! Perhaps I'm just spoiled because I was brought up on a steady diet of unknown hotties thanks to teen dramas on the WB. But really is a reoccurring hottie that much to ask for?

Considering that a whole boat load of BSGers have shown up on BW, Jamie Bamber should be making his way there any day now, right??
He should totally show up on BW as Col. Steve Austin AKA The Six Million Dollar Man. Though with inflation (not the Season 3 kind) and THAT BODY he's more like the Sixty Million Dollar Man. Plus it's not like he's not familiar with playing a man in uniform.

BTW:Katee Sackhoff is killing me on Bionic Woman. I find myself grabbing the remote and (taking advantage of TiVo) fast forwarding to the scenes with Katee. She's a total powerhouse! I just find myself really apathetic to most of the other characters, especially that whiny sister (cough*Dawn*cough). Which (like pretty much everything) I'm going to blame on Heroes. Though I'm probably going to have to start watching this Monday since it's the start of Kristen Bell's stint. I have to support a fellow fangirl!

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Ty said...

So the WB/CW/Space really did spoil us but the lack of hotties in uniforms (or towels for that matter - thank you jamie!) needs to be fixed. We can take the petition to get Jamie on the show to the sing-a-long...i'm sure we'll have plenty of support there! Although then we would have to talk to the other people there....hmmm...maybe an e-petition!