Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You'll be a better person BLACKOUT with Britney

So I have been listening to the album on loop for a good 3 hours and I must admit that it has provided a fantastic soundtrack to my comic-book reading this week. Surprisingly Why Should I Be Sad? with its sticky-as-molasses beat(courtesy of very Hit-or-Miss Pharrell) complimented Casanova #10 quite well (boring comic book nerds insert groan here). [ In case you're curious, She-Hulk #22 goes well with Break the Ice-because you know she likes to smash things]

On the European Front: After Madonna, Kylie, and Sophie hear Heaven on Earth they're going to beat themselves (or more likely their managers) for not getting this song. It's a pure EuroTrash Delight. Someone please find Michel Gondry and tell him to direct this video ASAP for the sake of the EU & its colonies (POP included).

Warning: I strongly advise not to look at the album cover directly or your retnas will suffer permanent damage. Use album cover as coaster if problems persist.

Blackout is out this TUESDAY (Oct 30) just in time for your Halloween-induced debauchery.

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Manuel B said...

Oh my god!
I swear we are the same person: Heaven on Earth has been on loop on my iPod since I finally found the album online a couple of days ago- and it's funny how it is more Kylie than Kylie's new single.