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In Sequential Style-SDCC 2008 *episode 2*

BEST FIRST-TIMER: Bill Nighy [Photo:Variety]
Bill Nighy is pretty much my favorite person ever. I serisouly don't understand why's he's not a household name! Bill Nighy looked smart and polished in a slim suit and his trademark think plastic glasses at his first comic-con ever. Just brilliant!

BEST DRESS(ED): Jamie King [P:Variety]
I have to say that I'm in deep love with that See by Chloe dress [S/S 08]. The dress has a great grapic design print that fits in brilliantly with the whole essence of comic-con: Art!
While some people overdress for SDCC (I'm talking to you Ms.Panettiere!) Jamie manages to perfectly balance a chic yet fun look. Now if only The Spirit trailer were a bit more promising. Not that I'm not loving Sarah Paulson as Ellen and (suprisingly) loving ScarJo's hat collection. Cloche hats are going to rule Fall/Winter!

MOST COMPLIMENTARY: Keanu Reeves & Jennifer Connelly [P:EW]
Down to their dark locks, dark duds, and pale skin, Keanu & Jennifer show that promoting a film is a team effort. They seriously must have discussed what they were going to wear before heading out to SDCC in order to avoid any fashion faux-pas. Not that their good style is anything of a shock. Especially Jennifer "Balenciaga-muse" Connelly.

Mmm James Marsden & Amish Seth Green? Yes, Please!

I'm seriously wondering if Jane Espenson is going to reveal that Oz has been hiding out in Amish Country for the last 3 and half seasons! It would be so Harrison Ford in Witness! Excellent.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In Sequential Style-SDCC 2008

While a lot of people like to focus on the Cosplay going on at SDCC (not that I don't love a good Wolverine or Indy) I like to pull a Joan Rivers and judge people's "normal" clothing. Let's see who the big winners are!

BEST IN SHOW: Ray Stevenson [Photo:EW]
Ray seriously brought his A Game from jolly ol' England! I think what really made Ray the cream of the con was that, at least for me, it was totally unexpected. I'm so used to seeing him only as sweaty & dirty Pullo that I was (good) shocked. The man cleans up very nicely.

BEST HAIR: Hugh Jackman [P:EW]
He's seriously ridonculous. But I do have a notorious weakness for the Wolvarine do'.

2008 Eisner winner Gerard Way looks ready and set to re-join The Umbrella Academy (which, thank god, is coming back in November!).

She's wearing a dress that looks like she looted Tinker-Bell's closet yet somehow she makes it work. Rose continues to astonish.

BEST GEEK CHIC: Edgar Wright [P:EW]
As a Spaced-junkie I can actually say that Edgar Wright can do no wrong. Here he's wearing two fanboy staples- a comic tee & jeans but he pulled his look together with a simple cut jacket. The jacket's clean lines really serve to streamline the whole outfit. Yes, I said "outfit". Nerds take notes.

HALL OF FAME: Grant Morrison [P:Newsrama]
Sequential smart suits. 24/7. Perfect.

Monday, July 28, 2008

On the PC Casting Couch-Y:The Last Man-Part 3 (The Final Chapter!)

First off 355 kicks all sorts of ass- Canadian pop stars, a Ninja, a female penal colony, Amazons. You name it she’s kicked the shiz out if it. All you have to do is watch Naomie butcher the hell out of some zombies in 28 Days Later to see that she can handle herself quite nicely. [BTW: I can’t wait to see her in Ninja Assassin- That shiz looks crazy! And its got Korean pop star Rain! Seriously who could ask for more?]

I think Maggie will be more convincing as a scientist than say Bridget Moynahan in I, Robot but I’m really going on the recommendation simply for her work in the criminally under-rated Live Free or Die Hard. She proved that a woman decked out head-to-toe in Gucci *will” kick your ass. Dr.Mann’s daddy issues & Gucci stiletto boots=There *will* be blood!

Though Beth 1 is supposed to be Miss Blond haired-Blue eyed American Pie she spends most of the series on a walkabout in the Australian outback so it seems apt to me that she be played by an Aussie. And Emilie knows a thing or two about being in the great outdoors thanks to LOST.
Bonus: BKV connection!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Words of Wisdom from MAD MEN

"If prostitution is Don showing up with a fur coat.
Sign me up."

- Francine [S.2.E.1]

This is how *I* Fangirl

On the PC Casting Couch-Y:The Last Man-Part 2 (Finally!)

To commemorate the end of Comic Con I'm going to FINALLY finish my casting of Y:The Last Man.
[Better late than never, right?]

Meet the Browns!Yorick=Topher
I really don’t need to elaborate. I mean seriously from looks to personality he’s the absolute best hands-down physical incarnation of Yorick.
Message to WB: Please god don’t let it be Shia! I don’t want to see Yorick being played by a formerly promising actor turned cocky-douchebag with an ever growing arrest record. If it really comes to that the movie should really take a page from the first issue and shoot itself in the head.

Hero’s a bitch with a healthy serving of crazy thrown in for good measure. So who’s better suited to play her than the woman who immortalized the words “I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.” Not to mention if you’ve seen My Summer of Love then you know she’s quite capable of making someone switch sides.

Ah Beth 2! You know that she’s perfect for Yorick but in a compatible Facebook interests sort of way. But you know that you’re still rooting for 355 all the way. So whoever is worthy of donning Beth 2’s scar has to be intelligent, articulate, & funny. Rachel’s had her turn playing the intelligista in The Family Stone (oh hush! at least it had a great cast). And if you need to see her comedic credentials just look at Mean Girls. Seriously.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

WTF Moments in Pop Culture: Bryce Dallas Howard-Lady in the HOT Water

Over at Hero Complex they have a quote from Ron Howard's tiny tot about Terminator: Salvation-
"This is a reinvention. We’re starting over. It’s incredible that it’s post Judgment Day' and it’s a completely different thing," said Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays the wife of John.
All I have in response to that is:

That scene still makes me cry.
Like a baby.
Every time.

Oh and Bryce Dallas- You better watch out for Linda Hamilton.
I bet she can still kick the shiz out of you.
Or just send Beast to do the job. SNIKT!

GRAPHIC NOVELTY- Danity Kane's "Bad Girls" *Updated w/ more POW!*

The ladytrannys of Danity Kane have their new vid out and it's all comics!

It's set in Gotham City. Though from the looks of it they take more cues from Alba & Co. in SIN CITY.

The girls can't have their stellar track interrupted so they make good use of graphic sound effects. Though I half expected to see SHELLACK! somewhere in the vid as a means of explaining their makeup application process. I'm sure re-painting the Golden Gate takes less time.

There's more than a fair share of latex catsuits.

And it does have a bit of a Paulina Rubio (or Toxic Brit or Get you Good Shania if you prefer) reimagining of AKIRA.

Last but not least some archetypal bondage scenes worthy of a Golden Age Wonder Woman issue.

Even the "DK" opening logo is a straight ripoff of the flickering panels Marvel Studios logo. Glad to see Diddy copying off the best.

See if Joel Schumacher were still doing the Batman flicks this song would have totally made it onto the soundtrack. I mean who can seriously resist the poor-man's version of Girl Aloud? I will give the song a thumbs up though simply because it managed to pull off a sort of urban BOND sound thanks to Danja (Whose "Break the Ice" for Brit also spawned a manga inspired vid)

Graphic Novelty: When comics hit mainstream. Hilarity ensues.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Haiku Review: The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Just got back from the midnight screening of X-Files and I think this is as close to twittering as I'll come for now. BTW I should just get it out of the way that I'm an obsessive X-Phile. There I said it!
Like Shipper Fan Fic
Go for Mulder & Scully
Don't expect action

Oh and also go for the always awesome Callum Keith Rennie. He's seriously the crown jewel of Canadian Television! Don't make me throw DaVinci's Inquest in your face! Not to mention he's super sexy as Thrace-obsessed Leoben on BSG.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

HOMOPHONIC: Batman & Robin-The Soundtrack

Debating the homosexual overtones of the Batman and Robin(s?) relationship is one of the greatest geek activities around. Especially if you're friends with a generous helping of English majors. But I’m just saying that if Batman or Robin’s iPOD contained the collection of artists featured on these two albums the debate would be nearly over. Well unless you want to start debating whether Batman is European or Fraiser.

Bone Thugs N Harmony-Look Into My Eyes: If you don’t like “Breakdown” off of Mariah’s Butterfly then I just can’t talk to you.

R.Kelly-Gotham City:There is no one on earth who doesn’t secretly love Ignition.

Jewel-Foolish Games: This song actually reached #2 on the Top 100. I just remember the music video with the horses. And if you’re wondering, which of course I know you are, there’s a dance cover.

Goo Goo Dolls-Lazy Eye: Yeah this song is rubbish. Stick to the City of Angels soundtrack. Though I would have preferred John Rzeznik to Clooney as Batman. The man's got the lips.

Moloko-Fun For Me:
Um what more can I say other than Roisin Murphy is an Electronica diva with divine fashion sense. Can you really ask for more?

Underworld-Moaner: I really have only one word for you: TRANCE. Actually I have two more: Progressive House. Please rave accordingly.

The Smashing Pumpkins-The Beginning is the End is the Beginning:
Most of you caught the WATCHMEN trailer either online or in front of Dark Knight. Love to see Warner Bros. going Green by recycling their properties.

HOMOPHONIC: Batman Forever-The Soundtrack

Yes, The Dark Knight is brilliant and wonderful but do you know what I totally miss from the Joel Schumacher Batmans? Their fabulously commercial Soundtracks!! Hans Zimmer's score is magnificent but could you really imagine a world without Kiss From a Rose? I sure as hell hope not! Though I'm pretty sure it would be one dystopian hell hole. Like East Texas.

The campy hot mess that is Batman Forever and Batman & Robin while gratingly horrible on film is actually pretty fantastic in soundtrack form. Why? Because it's like the playlist to a great Gay dance party! The homosexual overtones of the Batman & Robin relationship though far fetched in the comics manifests itself pretty clearly in these soundtracks thanks to Joel & Co.
And by "Co." I mean "Chris O'Donnell's codpiece" of course.

Let’s look at the most Fabulous moments off of the BATMAN FOREVER OST

Seal-Kiss From Rose
: I can actually forgive the movie just because of this song. It is that brilliant. Oh and it won three Grammys and reached #1 on the Top 100 making it the biggest hit of any of the albums.

Brandy-Where are You Now:
It’s got Lenny Kravitz’s signature funk guitar beat. And well
Brandy’s simply the shit. See:Afrodisiac & all her work with the divine DARKCHILD

Massive Attack w/ Tracey Thorn-The Hunter: If you don’t know who either of the artists are then you haven’t been to a gay club (or to Europe) in the last 15 years. Tracey Thorn is half of Everything but the Girl whose magnum opus “Missing” (best known in the US as SNL’s Mango’s ‘theme’) is probably still on the UK singles chart. Oh and Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” is the theme song to HOUSE.

The Offsrping-Smash It Up: Though not homophonic they’re apparently still ‘big’ in Colombia. Just thought you should know.

If you’re looking to have a party that leans on the fabulous side then I definitely suggest adding these songs to your playlist.

Tune in Tomorrow for Part 2: The Batman & Robin OST
Same Bat-time, Same Bat-blog!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"You have a koala stuck on the grill of your car."

FYI:I have it on good authority (thanks, Andy!) that koalas aren't vicious beasts.
Apparently educational institutions in the Northern Hemisphere has led us to believe that koalas are ferocious teddy bears hanging on bamboo poles all through out Australia. They arent.
So now you know.

PC BONUS: Let's take a look at how other people say "car"

The Kiwi Way

The American Way

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"We're Very Pretty"-Miss Venezuela is Miss Universe 2008

MISS UNIVERSE 2008-MISS VENEZUELAThat's number 5 for Venezuela!

Now they have the same number of titles as bitter rival Puerto Rico. Oh how I love Latin America's obsession with beauty pageants. It's seriously like our Nascar! I wonder when PDVSA will unveil the Dayana Mendoza-christened oil tanker?

EW's Twilight cover Sucks!

Supposedly there has been a major outcry from the Twilight fangirls about the less than flattering EW cover featuring Harry Potter hottie Robert Pattinson and Panic Girl Kristin Stewart.
I say "supposedly" because Twilight falls outside of my realm of fandom. I actually had never heard of the phenomenon until Stephen Colbert used a picture of Angelus himself, David Boreanaz, in a clip about the success of series. In my book it's kind of like the literary Hannah Montana- kid crack.

And if you're wondering I have read a book in the series. I somehow made it through the first book. Looking back I really don't know how I did it. Needless to say I didn't continue with the series choosing rather to bask in the Twilight of ignorance. What was my issue with the book? Well to keep it concise: It's no Buffy. Buffy set the bar ridiculously high for Vampire stories especially Vampire romance stories. Just look at the ashes of the recently cancelled Moonlight. I just couldn't handle the fact that it had none of Buffy's punny-ness, symbolism, or heart.

Well what does this have to do with the EW cover?

Any casual reader of EW will know that their love for Buffy (well actually they're pretty much down with the entire Whedonverse) runs very deep. They're like Buffy fundamentalist. Just look at their "New Classics" issue where there were no less than 4 Buffy mentions. See why I've kept my subscription all these years.

So now let's take a Symbolic tour of the EW cover together!
Shall we see Buffy Bias in action?

Ridicuously pasty Robert Pattinson: I know he's English and plays a Vampire but my god did they have to make him that pasty?! I can only conclude that this is EW's way of saying that Edward Cullen pales in comparison to David Boreanaz's Angel.

Deep Brunette Kristen Stewart: The Yin Yang of Vampire romance? Buffy is a sassy kick-ass Vampire Slayer/Layer who also happens to be EW's favorite blonde. Twilight's Bella is more into whining and should think about leasing her own Batsignal for all the times she needs Edward (and the rest of the Cullen clan) to come to her rescue. Sounds like someone familiar? Yep you guessed it Buffyverse Enemy #1: Dawn. Ever insightful Spike said it best to Buffy in "Wrecked" [S.6.E.10]:"Ever think about a LoJack for the girl?"

Robert Pattinson's Chest: First off- There is no chest hair in vampire romance! Seriously never! From Stuart Townsend's Lestat to Harlequin covers there is simply no place in undeath for chest hair. Come on when you live forever you've got plenty of time to wax so there's no excuse. Buffy's Boys Angel & Spike =Smooth
Second-No chest definition! Not to go into too much mythology, vampires need to be able to catch their food. And in the case of BtVS they need to be shirtless/pretend to be young for as long as possible. That is the way of the WB. So chest definition is not only of aesthetic value but neccessary to a vampire's survival not only in undeath but also on the WB.
Symbolically I'd say that EW is suggesting that he's a weak (synonym:poor) vampire.

Robert Pattinson's Ensemble: Vampires do not wear blue jeans. Leatherpants? Well of course! But never blue jeans. Blue jeans are in the same category of vampire deterrents as garlic, holy water, and trips to Ibiza. Not to mention wearing them with a belt buckle to the side just looks douchebaggy like on Abercrombie models. Could this be EW suggeting that Twilight is more about wide tween appeal than it is about establishing a credible vampire mythology? I'm just saying...

{Disclaimer: I obviously don't work at EW so don't blame them for my Buffy bias}

Sunday, July 6, 2008

"I don't rap about Bitches and Hoes I rap about Witches and Trolls"

I seriously cannot get enough of those Flight of the Conchords boys.

I haven't enjoyed a geek rap like this since Star Wars Gangsta Rap II.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reading Summer Blockbusters: HANCOCK

Is Hancock really just Naomi Campbell?

Well let's do a comparison!
  • Incapable of getting wrinkles-CHECK
  • Big ass Sunglasses-CHECK
  • Throws things at people-CHECK
  • Arrested-CHECK
  • Feared-CHECK
  • Hasn't met a bottle of Bourbon they didn't like-CHECK
  • Publicists' worst nightmare-CHECK
I think the message is pretty clear.

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