Friday, September 28, 2007

Pop Culture Case Study: Music Men make the best Superheroes

This ongoing series is going to look at the correlation between being a song and dance man and a fantastic movie comic book hero. Am I just a musical nut who also loves comic books and is trying to bring both beautiful worlds together? Absolutely! But I’ll let you see the connection for yourself.

Part 1: Christian Bale - Bruce Wayne/Batman

• Bale’s Batman was born out of the pages of the best (ie=darker) Batman comic books. He’s just as noir as can be. Thankfully that just happens to be my ideal Batman-smart, angsty, but still charming with a dash of dry-wit.

• If you haven’t seen Newsies at least a dozen times drop everything buy the DVD and prepared to get enlightened. I mean if you don’t cry when he sings “Santa Fe” I’ll personally come and punch you in the gut until the streams of pure musical joy come out of your eye ducts. Yes, it’s that fantastic!

Newsies was directed/choreographed by Kenny Ortega. Now if you don’t know who he is be prepared to look 10 years younger (and wiser)……….He’s also the Emmy winning director of Disney’s insanely popular High School Musical and its sequel…..High School Musical…..wait for it…..2!!!!!

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