Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"What Does the Jedi Do?"

I had never seen Beauty and the Geek before but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find it extremely entertaining after watching it tonight. If you didn't get to see it (or couldn't bring yourself to tune to the CW) you should download it and sit back and laugh. You 'll especially enjoy it if you've ever been to Comic-Con.

The challenge for the episode was that each of the beauties would come up with their own superhero (including their own powers and nemesis). And the geeks would try to channel Tom Ford and come up with a costume for their superheroines. Hilarious drama ensues.

So the geeks and their beauties go down to San Diego to partake in the annual pilgrimage to the geek Mecca that is Comic Con where their creations will be judged by comic book experts. Obviously the geeks are über-excited while the beauties look ready to take an acrylic to the jugular.

The best part of the episode (apart from the awesome ANTM-style camera work) was the judging of the challenge by The Goon’s Eric Powell & Dwight Albatross, Spike: Shadow Puppets/Angel: After the Fall’s Brian Lynch (Pop Colony fave!) and IDW’s EIC/Publisher Chris Ryall. I loved seeing 50/50 Dark Horse-IDW representation especially considering it was on a WB network (DC’s parent company).

Dave (Live Action Role Player) & Jasmine came up with my favorite superhero, by far, out of the bunch with Princess Bed-Head. It’s probably my favorite because I’m like 98% certain that it’s already a best-selling manga series in Japan. Not to mention we should give Jasmine credit for channeling Neil Gaiman and going all Sandman on us. Go Jasmine!!!

Spoilers Below!!!
Brian Lynch puts on his best Tyra face and declares Nicole & Sam’s Metro Man the winner of the challenge. Metro Man is a superhero/male model who gets his power at a party from George Hamilton’s spray tanner. Oh and he fights by break dancing. Mmm, sad thing is that I would probably buy (and enjoy) the comic book.

Style Note: During the elimination round Sam sports a really hot Dark Horse raglan (pairing it nicely with a white belt & Diesels) that I totally want. Like now. He should think about doing a style guide for comic book shop employees.

Best Exchange of the Evening:
Erin: So if you’re a lady killer does that mean that you only kill girls?
Natalie: No, I am a lady AND a killer.

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