Wednesday, October 31, 2007

¡Ay Diablo! ¡¡¡Los Cuatro Fantasticos les gustan Mofongo!!!

AKA-What You'll Be Getting Me For Boxing Day!

Just found out via
Silver Bullet Comics that the
FANTASTIC FOUR: ¡ISLA DE LA MUERTE! ONE-SHOT is also going to be available in Spanish (With a Variant Cover)!!! Gracias a Dios (y Tom Beland) for what will be a truly unique book!!! This issue is definitely going to be the pegao of my Christmas comic book pile!

Nonetheless when I hear 'Los Cuatro Fantasticos' all I can think of is:
Boricua como el coqui!!!

You'll be a better person religiously visit is absolutely the funniest entertainment blog ever. Just drop everything (or anyone) you're doing and go there now!

Check out this great post on how the WB hates (Wonder) women.

And if you follow celeb gossip (I actually can't think of anyone I would call a friend who doesn't) you can check out their sister blog, WWTDD. Which is *gasp* the funniest gossip blog ever.

Non-Chocolate Halloween Treats Are Good Too!

According to Molly Shannon is going to guest on Pushing Daisies for 3 episodes in Nov/Dec as a pastry competitor to awkward-chic Ned (This week's episode has him decked out in a Helmut Lang trench with the collar up. I swear ABC sent out a memo to all their shows that said "Gay-Up NOW or YOU'RE CANCELED!!!" Not that I'm complaining). I just can't wait till Molly inevitably screams "Stick it in your Pie Hole, Ned!"

Oh and the super great Mike White is going to play her brother, how sweet is that?!?!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What You'll Be Getting Me For Christmas-Bowen Logan/Wolverine Statue

Nothing says 'Mi Casa Es Su Casa' like a beefcake statue of Wolverine in my solarium.

Pop Culture Case Study Part 3: Hugh Jackman

Part 3 of my Pop Culture Case Study on how the best movie superheroes are also great singers/dancers.
Hugh Jackman:Wolverine/Logan
The man is the epitome of all that is song and dance. After earning a BA in journalism, he headed west to attend the Western Academy of Performing Arts of Edith Cowan University in Perth, WA.

In Sydney, he played Gaston in Beauty & the Beast & Joe Gillis in Sunset Boulevard. Later on the West End, he played the role of Curly in a hugely successful revival of Rogers & Hammerstein's Oklahoma. In 2004 he made his Broadway debut in The Boy from Oz which won him a Tony. Oh and he won an Emmy for hosting the Tonys where he won a Tony. Damn he's good! Let's see how he fares as one of my favorite comic book characters-Wolverine.

Thank the gods that the casting directors of X-Men were aware that while Wolverine is awesome and all, America would just not see a movie about a 5’3’’ hairy Canadian. Enter Hugh. A foot taller and Australian. Both qualities making him exponentially hotter. SNIKT!!!

Even Bryan Singer knew America should bask in his hotness. So he did what any self respecting director would do and introduced Logan in a cage, shirtless, sweaty, and in tight jeans (Manuel insert queer theory here). God Bless You, Bryan! [Note: One of the hottest costumes at Comic-Con this year was a Hugh Jackman inspired-Logan. If you're reading this guy sorry we followed you around the floor! But you looked great in the wife-beater.]

Subsequently, I can’t wait for X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009.
Especially if those rumors about Liev Schreiber playing young Stryker are true. Yay for a (much needed) Kate & Leopold reunion! (All hail The Secret!) If only they could secure Breckin Meyer to play a young Sabretooth all my dreams would be realized.

[Oh and if you haven't seen Christopher Nolan's The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and (fellow song and dance superhero) Christian Bale do yourself a huge favor and see it/buy it/gild it. Same goes for The Fountain & its score.]

Friday, October 26, 2007

OMG BSG RAZR 111207!!! reports that SciFi is putting on Theatrical Screenings of Battlestar Galactica: Razor on Monday November 12 (That's 12 days before its television premiere on the 24th).

Good News- is that admission is free
Bad News-is that showings are only in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas and Seattle.
I mean really Vancouver deserves its own screening since we are Caprica (& every other colony) and all.
Oh and when am I going to bump into Jamie Bamber at IGA or Starbucks or something? Are you there God? It's me, Pop Colony!!!

Haiku Reviews for October 24-Enjoy!!!

Casanova #10
W:Matt Fraction
A:Fabio Moon
Cover:Gabriel Bá

Oops (Oh My) Zephyr!
No Cass but still excellent
Action Everywhen

Lone Ranger #9
W:Brett Matthews
A:Sergio Cariello
A Direction/Cover: John Cassaday

Dead things everywhere
Tonto always right, Cabron
Next one ends the arc

Proof #1
W:Alexander Grecian
A:Riley Rossmo
C:Tyler Jenkins

Big Foot is a Fed
Pacific Northwest eerie
Quirky Funny Read

She-Hulk #22
W:Peter David
A:Shawn Moll
I:Victor Olazaba

Good start and good art
Jinx wants her job back, She-Hulk
Britney-style Blackout


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You'll be a better person BLACKOUT with Britney

So I have been listening to the album on loop for a good 3 hours and I must admit that it has provided a fantastic soundtrack to my comic-book reading this week. Surprisingly Why Should I Be Sad? with its sticky-as-molasses beat(courtesy of very Hit-or-Miss Pharrell) complimented Casanova #10 quite well (boring comic book nerds insert groan here). [ In case you're curious, She-Hulk #22 goes well with Break the Ice-because you know she likes to smash things]

On the European Front: After Madonna, Kylie, and Sophie hear Heaven on Earth they're going to beat themselves (or more likely their managers) for not getting this song. It's a pure EuroTrash Delight. Someone please find Michel Gondry and tell him to direct this video ASAP for the sake of the EU & its colonies (POP included).

Warning: I strongly advise not to look at the album cover directly or your retnas will suffer permanent damage. Use album cover as coaster if problems persist.

Blackout is out this TUESDAY (Oct 30) just in time for your Halloween-induced debauchery.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"What Does the Jedi Do?"

I had never seen Beauty and the Geek before but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find it extremely entertaining after watching it tonight. If you didn't get to see it (or couldn't bring yourself to tune to the CW) you should download it and sit back and laugh. You 'll especially enjoy it if you've ever been to Comic-Con.

The challenge for the episode was that each of the beauties would come up with their own superhero (including their own powers and nemesis). And the geeks would try to channel Tom Ford and come up with a costume for their superheroines. Hilarious drama ensues.

So the geeks and their beauties go down to San Diego to partake in the annual pilgrimage to the geek Mecca that is Comic Con where their creations will be judged by comic book experts. Obviously the geeks are über-excited while the beauties look ready to take an acrylic to the jugular.

The best part of the episode (apart from the awesome ANTM-style camera work) was the judging of the challenge by The Goon’s Eric Powell & Dwight Albatross, Spike: Shadow Puppets/Angel: After the Fall’s Brian Lynch (Pop Colony fave!) and IDW’s EIC/Publisher Chris Ryall. I loved seeing 50/50 Dark Horse-IDW representation especially considering it was on a WB network (DC’s parent company).

Dave (Live Action Role Player) & Jasmine came up with my favorite superhero, by far, out of the bunch with Princess Bed-Head. It’s probably my favorite because I’m like 98% certain that it’s already a best-selling manga series in Japan. Not to mention we should give Jasmine credit for channeling Neil Gaiman and going all Sandman on us. Go Jasmine!!!

Spoilers Below!!!
Brian Lynch puts on his best Tyra face and declares Nicole & Sam’s Metro Man the winner of the challenge. Metro Man is a superhero/male model who gets his power at a party from George Hamilton’s spray tanner. Oh and he fights by break dancing. Mmm, sad thing is that I would probably buy (and enjoy) the comic book.

Style Note: During the elimination round Sam sports a really hot Dark Horse raglan (pairing it nicely with a white belt & Diesels) that I totally want. Like now. He should think about doing a style guide for comic book shop employees.

Best Exchange of the Evening:
Erin: So if you’re a lady killer does that mean that you only kill girls?
Natalie: No, I am a lady AND a killer.

So is Jake Gyllenhaal in this???

So while I was indulging in a preview for Casanova #10 (out this Wed-so pick it up!), I noticed this on Newsrama...

story ALEX GRECIAN, art & cover RILEY ROSSMO

32 PAGES, FC, $2.99

When FBI agent Ginger Brown got a promotion, she didn’t expect her new duties would involve tracking down the world’s most mysterious creatures. The Loch Ness Monster, Mothman and El Chupacabra are now on her "most wanted" list and her new partner looks an awful lot like... Bigfoot!



Props to whomever wrote the solicitation!
I'll definitely be checking out this book (and hoping to see Jake Gyllenhaal show up). Plus artist Riley Rossmo is from Western Canada. West Side Represent!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Haiku Reviews for Oct 18

Suburban Glamour #1
Story, Art and Letters: Jamie McKelvie

Suburbs emo style
Splash of pink and fantasy
Hell of a read

The Umbrella Academy #2
Writer: Gerard Way
Art: Gabriel Ba

Acad in full swing!
Way says music is deadly,
When did Six die?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TV Weather Alert: Bionic Woman has Hottie Drought!

I am enjoying Bionic Woman but they're seriously suffering from a hottie drought. So yeah they introduced a hot doctor (actor Brian Hallisay--->) in tonight's episode but I'm not sure if he's going to be back for more action. The only hot guy (Jamie Summer's MD beau) on the show they killed off before episode 1 was over! Perhaps I'm just spoiled because I was brought up on a steady diet of unknown hotties thanks to teen dramas on the WB. But really is a reoccurring hottie that much to ask for?

Considering that a whole boat load of BSGers have shown up on BW, Jamie Bamber should be making his way there any day now, right??
He should totally show up on BW as Col. Steve Austin AKA The Six Million Dollar Man. Though with inflation (not the Season 3 kind) and THAT BODY he's more like the Sixty Million Dollar Man. Plus it's not like he's not familiar with playing a man in uniform.

BTW:Katee Sackhoff is killing me on Bionic Woman. I find myself grabbing the remote and (taking advantage of TiVo) fast forwarding to the scenes with Katee. She's a total powerhouse! I just find myself really apathetic to most of the other characters, especially that whiny sister (cough*Dawn*cough). Which (like pretty much everything) I'm going to blame on Heroes. Though I'm probably going to have to start watching this Monday since it's the start of Kristen Bell's stint. I have to support a fellow fangirl!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Someone please get WONDER WOMAN a protein shake, ASAP!!!

I just saw this in DC's January solicitations:
JLA CLASSIFIED #50-51 Written by Roger Stern Art by John Byrne & Mark Farmer Covers by Joshua Middleton

So yeah this --------> IS NOT cool.
Wonder Woman looks so skinny that
it looks like her bracelets are too heavy for her arms to even lift!
Notice how she's trying to break free from her lasso but can't manage to flex a muscle. It even looks as if her hair is limp and thinning as the result of poor nutrition! All I can think of when I look at it is Laura Flynn Boyle. Uggh.
Also not cool: her wrists=diameter of lasso.

My biggest worry is that this is all part
of the warm-up marketing for the (probably awful) JLA movie. I guess this way they can get away with casting an actress with negative muscle mass. Because you know how movie audiences are easily frightened by athletic-looking women in leotards.

I want Wonder Woman to look like she can kick your ass just by looking at you. Like Madonna or Angela Bassett.

So someone please get this woman a protein shake so that she can get some biceps!!!
(Note: I have way less issues with the solo Wonder Woman run art. Actually in Annual #1 she's never looked better. Love that hair!)

Monday, October 15, 2007

What You'll Be Getting Me for Christmas! *Updated*

The only good thing about Canadian Thanksgiving is that it means that I can start whoring my Christmas List in October.

When it comes to the Dr. I only do NEW WHO. And while I enjoy giving into my Anglophilia, I'm not that big of a fan of the show (please don't shoot me). But I do love it when fandom and home decor ingeniously collide (says the owner of a Yoda pillow). So when I went to my local comic book store, on a Sunday, and saw The Doctor Who Talking TARDIS Cookie Jar I immediately fell in love (Cue-'Love at First Sight').

Update- Kylie's going to be on the Doctor Who Christmas Special (Oh how POMEs love their X-Mas specials) !!! So i'll finally have a Kylie/Geek connection that doesn't involve the Locomotion. Yay!

What's Going on the AMEX! -Comic Book Edition

Not that I don't look forward to every Wednesday (except maybe Jan 2) but this week is shaping up to be one of the best!!! I'm officially giddy and in the process of taking out a second mortgage.

Buffy-The Long Way Home TP -Featuring that gorgeous new Jo Chen cover!)
Umbrella Academy #2 -More Bá is always a good thing
Checkmate #19 -Sasha Bordeaux rocks!
DMZ #24 -Helping me get to know (ie: fear) NYC better
Ex-Machina #31 -See Above
Fables #66 - Those James Jean covers are the bees' knees
Killing Girl #3 -can't wait to see who's dead now!
Marvel Comics Presents #2-Kitty Pryde!!!
Powers #26-that last issue was kinky.
Whiteout Vol 2 Melt-The Definitive Edition - Carrie Stetko's the sh*t.
Voodoo Child #4
-I'll buy pretty much anything with Mike Carey's name on it. (All my love for Nick Cage aside)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'd Tap That Fictional Ass!-Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man

His deal...
Kinetic energy causes Jamie Madox to make duplicates (AKA: Dupes) of himself. He also runs a private detective agency called X-Factor Investigations which employs some of his mutant friends.

The Positives
• He’s funny. He’s always cracking jokes usually at the expense of someone in the room. And what can I say? That is totally my kind of humor.
• He’s in therapy and men who go all emo are always hotter (Which is why Batman will always be the hottest DCer)
• All his dupes have their own personalities so that could prove to be difficult but at least never boring (see: Michael Keaton in Multiplicity).

He’s a small business owner
• So what did Jamie do after winning a load of cash on a game show? He used the money to expand his own mutant private detective agency, X-Factor Investigations, making him like the Angel of the Marvel verse. So yay to building equity!!!

• Since kinetic energy causes him to duplicate I’m guessing any heavy petting will lead to an orgy. Plus ‘Big Love’ has made polygamy mainstream so why not go niche and engage in some polyandry with some hot mutants??? And his name is Multiple Man. So get your head in the gutter and come up with your own conclusions. Ergo the best superhero name ever.

Style Profile
• That shirt he’s always sportin’ is just plain hot. I mean I can totally see him holed up in his NYC loft silk-screening the imprint of a six pack of Pabst onto a fine jersey long sleeve olive green American Apparel t-shirt. He just come across to me like a hipster mutant. That’s all I’m saying.
• Not to mention he rocks the Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Onyx. Eyeliner always helps when you want to look all emotionally torn & sh*t (see: Michael Keaton’s Batman or George Clooney in Michael Clayton).

The Negatives
• So he (or one of his dupes) may become a baby daddy as the result of his one night stand with Monet or Siyn. Oh how some WBesque inter-office romance drama makes all things better! Note- One of these romances could lead to a new hope for mutants. So really we could move this part to the positive column.
• Eric Dane played him in X3. I like him better when he’s all beary as McSteamy. But I'm not going to burden you with my issues.

Jamie’s going to play a large part in the upcoming Messiah Complex. Which means now Marvel is going to take even more of my money. Oh well.

BTW: Huge props have to be given to X-Factor artist Pablo Raimondi for drawing the hottest characters around. I mean really, he made Cyclops AND The Beast look hot (Issue #23). (Oops, there I go with my bear love again!)

The Casting Couch (Retcon-ing Eric Dane out of the picture):

Jesse Bradford would make an awesome Jamie Madrox. He’s in the right age range and more importantly he’s got the key characteristics: funny, smart, hot, & self-deprecating. I mean really the man was in Swim Fan, so obviously he knows how to laugh at himself.

But I would also die to see multiple Adam Garcias. I'm not sure if he's enough of a larrikin to pull of the funny but I haven't seen Coyote Ugly in a while, so maybe I'm wrong. But he's definitely smokin' hot and he played Fiyero in the London production of Wicked which (punny!) gets him major points in my book. Did I mention he's Aussie & hot???

New Feature of ITTFA: Theme Song-Kylie Minogue's Come Into My World
This has to do nothing with the song and everything to do with the Michel Gondry-directed video depicting Kylie doing her best impression of the Multiple Man. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Darjeeling Limited: Next Stop Louis Vuitton!!!

Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody, & Jason Schwartzman play brothers in the new Wes Anderson movie. So yeah...not entirely convincing because they don't look remotely a like but thankfully they are fun to watch together (especially when one is Indian pepper-spraying the other two).

Style Notes:
The Whitman Brothers spend the entire movie lugging their Father’s luggage set (courtesy of Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton) around India. Since the movie is co-written by Roman Coppola I knew there would be a prerequisite Marc Jacobs appearence but seriously I didn’t expect it to be a principal cast member. I bet SAG is already forcing the luggage to pay dues.

Plus Angelica Huston proves that even though she's a nun in India she can rock the Guerlain Loose Kohl Eyeliner.

Haiku Synopsis
Spiritual trek
Three brothers travel by train

Across India

Haiku Review
Beautiful Colors
Better Than Life Aquatic

Touching Funny Sad

Thursday, October 11, 2007

CRAZY SEXY COOL-Kubark Benday of Casanova

I absolutely love Casanova. Let me just get that out there first. It's just a whole lotta fun with cooler-than-cool characters by Matt Fraction and absolutely beautiful artwork by Gabriel Bá. And now that his twin brother Fabio Moon does the interiors it's even more fabulous. What's more awesome than a book about twins with art by Twins? (Hint: the answer is nothing!)

In the back pages of Issue 9, Fabio Moon explains that he wanted Kubark Benday to be a "bad-ass sexy guy". Even though he later admits that Kubark looks like a "Dragonball Wolverine" but I totally think he looks like Benicio del Toro. Kubark gives off a Latino vibe with his low buttoned shirt, crazy styled hair, and liberal use of man-jewlery not to mention the whole cool & sexy thing. Which makes me like this new "potential love interest" for Zephyr even a lot more.

On a Casting Note: Though if I were to cast the movie I'd go with someone younger like Edgar Ramirez or Rodrigo Santoro. Both Latino sexy-cool hotties!!!