Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'd Tap That Fictional Ass!

The first fictional hottie (that we wish were real) is the Y in BKV’s Y:The last Man, Yorick Brown. He’s been hunted, attacked, jumped, disrobed, kidnapped, beaten, punched and heartbroken. The boy has been through the (Culper) ringer. So lets show him some love.

He’s very Pop-Cultured.
• As a slave of pop culture I must admit that I find it a necessary precondition for Hottie Certification. I started counting pop culture references in one issue and had to stop at 17 before giving up. From Judy Bloom to Kurt Vonnegut, Yorick does his English degree proud.

Yorick likes to have a laugh.
• Which is good for us because this Y-stinction would be pretty grim without it. You know with all the killing, starvation, heroin addiction, and Canadian pop-stars and all. He’s a normal guy in a completely insane situation using humor to try to cope with all the horrible sh%t happening around him. And that’s just hot.

Not that he’s all smiles…
• So he was suicidal. With 711’s help he got over it and found out something important in the process. Pretty good for a guy without Zoloft or Malibu.

He’s no angel…
• Even though he wasn’t faithful to Beth during their time apart I won’t hold it against him. So he’s kissed a couple of gals other than his girlfriend since he became the last boy but things didn’t end too well for them (read: death). Plus Beth is a bitch. And Beth 2 is way cooler (though less than 355, of course!).

Yorick: The Last GQ
• Yorick’s hair is shaggy. But definitely not shaggy in a Mystery Machine sort of way but more like an hour in the bathroom with some Bumble & Bumble Sumo Tech. (But I guess with all the gay men dead a lot it must be readily available.) • He does like to wear T-shirts, jeans, hoodies and (what appear to be) chinos. So there must be a GAP somewhere in the unmanned world.
Yorick has managed to reach the pinnacle of fashion with the parka that he’s been donning in the last couple of issues. I live in Vancouver, so I’ve grown to love parkas. So I thank Pia a million times over for keeping it real with Yorick.

Note: There was a manga eye situation half way through the run but all is good now.
Who I’d cast in the movie- Topher Grace
Y? Because he’s funny, smart, & hot (oh & btw BKV’s first choice too!)

Though the end of Y:The Last Man is near, it will never be the end of Yorick’s hotness.

Alas Yorick, you’re a Fictional Hottie.

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