Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday's TV Hotties!!!

Let's take a look at why they call Thursday night programming MUST SEE TV...
The Men of Ugly Betty-ABC 8PM
Eric Mabius-He's just the Adonis of Thursday night. No one is going to argue that he's not is scorching hot. No one. Not even Resident Evil haters.

Max Greenfield-Even if you're not a fan of Veronica Mars (first off shame on you!) you've got to watch the episodes with Deputy Leo. Gotta love a man in uniform! Thank God that this week they gave him considerably more screen time on UB!

Christopher Gorham-Buffy Alum:Check! Incredibly ripped under that sweater vest:Check! Plays an adorable geeky accountant:Check! It has been such a long time since Popular. Glad you're back Christopher!

30 Rock NBC 8:30PM
Keith Powell-Another man looking good on TV with his sweater vests. Thankfully we'll be getting to see more of Keith this season since he's been upgraded to regular.

The Office NBC 9PM
John Krasinski- I simply cannot walk past a GAP without staring at John's poster. Maybe one day I'll work up the courage to watch License to Wed.

Smallville CW 8PM
Aaron Ashmore- Aaron & Shawn are the only Canadian twins that do not have luxury denim labels (I'm talking to you Dean & Dan and Chip & Pepper!!!). So big Kudos to them. Aaron makes Jimmy Olsen look good! BTW I hope that you've caught on by now that I love men in sweater vests.

Michael Cassidy- I really miss seeing Michael as big bad Cliff on CW's summer series Hidden Palms. RIP Hidden Palms! Though I am loving him as snarky Daily Planet Assistant Editor Grant Gabriel. And due to a shocking revelation in the last episode he may be coming into some serious moulin rouge.

Supernatural CW 9PM
Jensen Ackles- This really is a case where a picture is worth a thousand words. Those words all being synonymous with HOT. Plus bonus points for being Texan!!!

Jared Padalecki-Same as above plus some Gilmore Girls Dean love. [On a Casting Couch note: I can't believe I didn't think of Jared when 'casting' Lone Ranger!!!]

The Thursday Guest Star
James Marsters (Smallville & Without a Trace-CBS 10PM)
Season 6 of Buffy. That is all the hottie documentation you need. I am eagerly anticipating his guestage on Torchwood in Jan where he'll be bringing back his much loved (& missed) POME accent while getting frisky with CPW's John Barrowman!


Jason said...

Ahem. Where is your CSI love? I know that George Eads's military haircut is a bomb and you miss William Peterson's bearish qualities, but what about Wallace Langham (Hodges)? I love me some salt-n-pepper AND he's from Texas.

P.S. I'm totally into that new lab assistant Jon Wellner (Andrew).

P.P.S Don't forget Eric Szmanda is a hottie and his house has been featured in InStyle.

P.P.P.S. If I were to go Asian, I'd totally go for AV expert Archie Kao. Not only does he have great bone structure, he's got effing Power Ranger money. Bastard.

Okay, I think I'm done...If you haven't already alienated everyone but the gays with your last two posts, this should do it.

jason said...

Oh Jesus! I can't believe I didn't even get into Eric Close and Enrique Murciano!

POP COLONY said...

Jason are you trying to get admin status??? The reason the fellas from CSI are MIA is because I never ever watch that show. But seriously why aren't you showing any Gary Dourdan love? He did look mighty good in Perfect Stranger. Oh crap now i'm admitting that I saw that. Well it's your fault anyways.

And you know the only episodes of Without a Trace I watch are the ones with James Marsters. Take that Poppy Montgomery!!!!