Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What I learned at Toys"R"Us-Marrying Patricia Arquette Makes You Vengeful

I really hope that this is the work of someone at Marvel with a wicked sense of humor. Because pairing action figures of Patricia Arquette's ex-husband and her current husband for children 3+ to play with is absolutely brilliant. Kudos to whoever at Marvel put it together!

And if you were wondering (and if you weren't you may want to reevaluate your life) what else handsome gents Thomas Jane and Nicolas Cage have in common...
        • Both have January birthdays (birthstone:garnet)
        • Both starred in Face/Off (or what many consider the greatest movie ever made)
        • Both were at Comic-Con this year (awkward!)

Both are currently involved with comic book projects. Mr.Jane is the cover model for Criminal Macabre:My Demon Baby @ Dark Horse (and in early talks to star in the movie adaptation) and Mr.Cage & offspring are producing Voodoo Child @ Virgin Comics. (I confess that I actually picked up the first issue of CM:MDB simply because Thomas Jane was on the cover. And Voodoo Child is on my pull list even though Nic's mug doesn't grace the cover. But it's definitely a great book worth checking out.)

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