Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday's Hotties!!! -Sometimes Animated, Gay, or Secretive but always HOT!

Hank Azaria-The Simpsons 8pm FOX: Mmm because being insanely talented is not hot?!?!

Nathan Fillion-Desperate Housewives 9PM ABC: Ah Mr.Fillion, My Captain! I'm sorry that Drive didn't take off but I'm glad that I'm getting to see you on a weekly basis on DH. And if you haven't seen Waitress do yourself a huge favor and go and get it. It is such a sweet & charming movie and one of my top ten movies of 2007.

Kyle MacLachlan- We like the same thing- a "Damn fine cup of coffee". And while being one of David Lynch's muses, he wisely avoided the misfortune of starring in Inland Empire.

Dave Annable-Brothers & Sisters 10PM ABC: Well he's hot when his character Justin isn't going through detox. However rare that may seem.

Matthew Rhys- Oh those Welsh boys!

Seth Green- Family Guy 9PM FOX: I really hope that they bring back Oz sometime soon in Buffy Season 8. Though I have this feeling that if they were to bring him back they would make him a Big Bad and then kill him off. Hey it worked for Becoming 2! And Seth's Robot Chicken is absolutely offensively brilliant. I'm seriously offended by how funny that show is. That's how you use "offended", right?

Michael C. Hall- Dexter 10PM Showtime: He's just sooo ridiculously good looking. Who knew serial killers could be so hot?

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