Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday's Hotties are on The Ten Spot!

All of the Friday hotties are on shows that air at 10pm (Eastern/Pacific) so you better get a TiVo/DVR/VCR/DVD-R (& Cable) to catch all their hottness!

David Krumholtz-Numb3rs CBS 10PM
Here I go again with another hot TV Geek but this one's got tenure! And extra points to David for being part of the Whedonverse. Oh and that curly hair!

Clinton Kelly-What Not To Wear TLC 10pm
Stacey really gets on my nerves sometimes but thankfully Clinton is there to save the day! Clinton always keeps it real with the style-ignorant leading them to closets with less Lululemon and more BCBG. One day I hope to have a show that's a hybrid of What Not To Wear and Deadwood. Meaning that it'll be a show with a lot of harsh yet constructive criticism and a lot of cursing with a probability of violence.

James Roday-Psych USA 10pm
Let's do a proof! James = (Funny)(Attractiveness) = Hottie. James provides a fabulous alternative to those awful American Apparel ads by strutting in their swag on Psych week after week without looking like a tool. Plus James gets extra Texas points for being from the Big S.A.

Dulé Hill: The man is an awesome tap dancer! I do not need to say more than that! Well except to say look at Adam Garcia. Mmm.

Disclaimer: I'm not considering Jason Dohring since my soul can't bear to watch something so horrible as Moonlight.

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