Thursday, December 20, 2007

*In Search of Christmas Morning*

I was doing some Christmas shopping at my local mall tonight when I came across the best gift ever! Well it's the best gift ever if your friend is a crystal meth head club kid swimming in debt. So if you haven't gotten something yet for that special Barista in your life here's your chance to be the best (smack-talking) friend ever!

From Armani (Naturally!!!)

48 bucks is definitely cheaper than a trip to Ibiza!

And because I can't even make sh*t like this up :
Tiësto's motto is: "I feel the energy from the crowd and I try to give it back, to create a unity."


Jason said...

I don't apreciate your implication that all baristas go into debt to finance their wardrobes. Luckily, I buck the trend with my efficient budgeting.

Debit new clothes (found in the highly depreciable asset section of the balance sheet).

Credit soul/self-respect (found in the liability section). Who am I going to have to settle that debt with you ask...I'll find out in hell.

POP COLONY said...

Well at least your "Soul/Self-Respect" is highly liquid. Like a Smirnoff Ice.

And you know by Baristas I mean "Lifers". Though I'm using the word "Life" very loosely.