Wednesday, December 19, 2007

In Sequential Style-Andi Watson & Simon Gane's "Paris"

When I saw the cover to Andi Watson & Simon Gane’s Paris (out now on SLG Publishing) I immediately grabbed it and smiled. Why was I smiling like an idiot in a comic book store? Because there on the cover of a comic book was a woman wearing what closely resembles a Roland Mouret Titanium Dress! I’m such a fangirl for that dress (& Its sister Galaxy) because its geometric shaping gives it a brilliantly futuristic noir (à la Blade Runner) look. Finally a comic book that nicely compliments my copy of ELLE!

Oh and if you’re wondering- the book is an excellent read. It’s quality melodrama. Think along the lines of Douglas Sirk & David Lean and not Lifetime.

Oh why can’t all books be this pretty?

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