Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday's Hotties-A Hottie from every channel!

Since I'm trying to crank out an econ paper I'll let the pictures do the talking for once...
Chuck 8PM NBC
Zachary Levi

Adam Baldwin
[BTW- Starting this March Dark Horse is releasing Serenity:Better Days a three-issue limited series written by Joss Whedon & Brett Matthews (Writer of Pop Colony fave-The Lone Ranger) and with covers by Adam Hughes. ]

Ryan McPartlin

Cole Hauser- K-Ville 9PM FOX

Brian Greenberg October Road 10PM ABC
BTW: A lot of people over at the Comic Book Resources Vertigo Forum think he would be a great Yorick! He's definitely hot enough to be Yorick but I'm not so sure he could pull off all the funny. My vote is still for Topher!

How I Met Your Mother 8PM CBS
Neil Patrick Harris

Jason Segal

Kevin McKidd Journeyman 10PM NBC

NBC wins the night with 4 out of 8 hotties!

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