Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday's Hotties...not in an Addams Family way

Christmas Comes Early!
For one week I'll be taking you on a tour of the best Eye Candy TV has to offer. Really it's just an excuse for me to post some pics of hotties. Feel free to comment if you think I've unfairly passed someone over.

Lee Pace [Aries]: Pushing Daisies 8PM ABC- Pushing Daisies wins the Pop Colony Gold Star © for Best New Series of 2007 (with flying colors if I may add). One of the reasons why it's one of the best shows around is because of its excellent casting. I mean come on they've got CHENO!!! Yet it's the adorably awkward portrayal of Pie Maker Ned by Lee Pace that makes me giddy from anticipation week after week (let's not forget entrepreneurial guys who can cook=hot!). And on a fashion forward note- Ned is one of the best dressed characters on TV with his steady stream of Helmut Lang and Prada. BTW I can't wait to see him with Pop Colony Certified Icon SMG in Addicted (which might come out sometime in the spring). Lee gets extra points in my book for growing up in my hometown of Houston, Texas too!

Damian Lewis [Aquarius]: Life 10PM NBC-I really wish Damian would be his ginger self and keep his sexy accent when he's stateside. I'm still kind of not totally sold on Life but I do find myself tuning in week after week (sort of like Dirty Sexy Money). But maybe I'm being so hard on the show because I'm part of the camp that loves Damian as a baddie like in the good old MPT: Forsyte Saga days. [Support your local PBS station!]

The Men of CSI:NY 10PM CBS
Gary Sinise [Pisces]-He's like 1000 and still smokin' hot. That it really all I need to say on the matter. Oh and he's the face of Baume & Mercier. Gotta love a man with Swiss on his wrist!

Carmine Giovinazzo [Virgo]- My favorite character on the show (please forgive me Gary!). And he passes (with flying colors) my 'Looks Excellent in a Wife-Beater & Henley' test.

Eddie Cahill [Capricorn]- So hot that I'll overlook his stint on Friends.

Hill Harper [Gemini]- Mmm...a hottie and Harvard Law alumnus? Oh yeah like that's not super hot.

A.J. Buckley- I love me a geek. And Mr.Buckley plays techie geek Adam Ross brilliantly!

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