Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You’ll be a better person if…..

This is where I become your pop-culture Yoda leading you away from the Bad (HEROES) and into the Good.

You Watched: Torchwood
• John Barrowman is the shit and if you don’t believe me get yourself learned and watch CPW (or as laymen call it: Central Park West)

• Its got a lot of sex for a sci-fi show. So ya of course there is some inter-species copulating for our enjoyment. But who hasn’t had a fling with a time traveler PLUS how can you not religiously TiVo a show with an even alien encounter to booty call ratio???

• At the very least you get to see the beautiful capital city of Wales, Cardiff. Which is where they speak Welsh. And yes Welsh is a real language.

• Oh and next season is going to feature a guestage by James Marsters. Do Captain Jack and James Marsters get it on? OF COURSE!!! You are now free to write some fan-fic.

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Manuel B said...

I actually found out I can work out at the exact time when Torchwood airs on BBC America and that way I can follow alien sexcapades while burning off calories. It works out so well :)