Saturday, December 1, 2007

What You'll Be Getting Me For Christmas-Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series

I really miss this show a lot. I miss the whip-lash inducing dialogue and the mother-daughter camaraderie that makes you want to call your mom. But I especially miss this show every time I see a promo for Heroes. Oh Milo how far you've fallen! You used to be on a show with something more important than characters with phenomenal powers and that's PHENOMENAL WRITING! Let's not also forget that this show also gave us Texan hottie, Jared Padalecki! Needless to say GG's contributions to the world have been numerous.

Unlike Buffy, I really don't see GG Season 8 coming to a comic shop near-you anytime soon. Though if it ever did happen I would look forward to reading a comic book the size of a phone book every month since that's how big the book would have to be to get all the Gilmorian dialogue that we know and love. A girl can dream, can't she?

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