Sunday, December 9, 2007

*How to Get a CGC 9.8 In Sequential Style*

This is where I take time from my busy life to be a Good Samaritan or " When Pop Colony becomes the Fangirl version of Oprah".

Fanboys it is time for some of you to face a fashion intervention.
Part 1: Take out one of your fave t-shirts and add...

Part 2: Nice Jeans (Quality jeans with a good fit)
• Really it is all about fit. You don’t need Coco Chanel to tell you that fit is everything when it comes to style. That’s why tailors are the superheroes of our world. I bet Topher’s Venom would agree that with great quality comes great fit. Investing in some top quality jeans will really work wonders for your look. I recommend Seven For All Mankind Jeans because they don’t look ridiculous (cough*TRUE RELIGION*cough) and they make your ass look all Mr. Fantastic. (Beware-the comic book puns don't end there!)
• BTW if you have a sour attitude and say something like “I’m not going to pay that much for jeans!” please take the time to realize that you’d gladly spend the same amount on some foil-retailer incentive-pencil sketch-blessed-by-Stan Lee-variant cover of X-Men #122 or some ridiculous Mary Jane statue. Oh and by the way the same place where you would get that rare issue is also a great place to save a lot of money on new jeans. Yes that place is called eBay. Laissez-Faire saves the day again!!!
• Variant 1- James Jeans- For a punny nod to an awesome artist!
• Variant 2- Joe’s Jeans- These just look fantastic. And they have this sort of steampunk-ish quality to them because of their industrial look.
• Variant 3- Diesel. Diesels require a lot more caution during the selection process or you’ll end up looking like Eurotrash. Not that that’s a bad thing. It just won’t work with the rest of the outfit. Plus you might be giving off mixed signals when you go into Ultimate Colossus-friendly neighborhoods. Because you know nobody likes a tease!

Part 3: Adidas Gazelles
• Here’s another investment piece. These sneakers never ever go out of style. They’re simple and classic. And most importantly they go with pretty much everything. They’re like the Kelly bag of sneakers but without the waiting list/promised first born (well unless you’re in Japan where all bets are off!)
• Variant 1: Vans Slip Ons- Another classic sneak that can be as simple (one color) or complex (crazy ass print) as you want them to be.
• Variant 2: I’m hesitant to recommend Chuck Taylors since the emo kids have taken it as their personal mission to really sully their appeal. But if impeccably maintained these sneaks can look super smart. And if you succeed in keeping them clean they really can go with everything- even nice dress pants. (Thanks Club Monaco!)

Part 4: Plain Gap Hoodie
• I endorse the Gap Hoodie mostly because on average it will run you less than one at American Apparel and because you won't have to deal with as many hipsters with androgynous self-christened names like Sky.
• Variant 1: American Apparel- AA carries hoodies in boatloads of colors which is good since variety is the spice of life.
• Variant 2: Old Navy- As long as you stick with the solids you’ll do fine. But do remember it is all about fit.

Here's a cheat sheet for ya:
Your T-Shirt + [(Nice Jeans) + (Adidas Gazelles) + (Plain Gap Hoodie)] = CGC
9.8 In Sequential Style.

Civilian Attire-(For those days not spent at Cons or that don't begin with Wednes)
For those days when you want to give yourself an air of mystique substitute your fave Fanboy shirt for a fun & colorful polo shirt or a nice short sleeve button-up in pale pink. Everybody loves some irony!

Note: The reason I’ve aimed this at guys is because I really have seen some crimes against humanity (well at least to my retnas) committed by some Fanboys. But this look is definitely uni-sex. And all of the brand suggestions have both women’s and men’s lines.

This has been a public service announcement by

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