Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hey Angelina!-Let my movie roles go!!!

Dear Angelina Jolie,
I’m not going to chastise you for building your own Small World Ride with actual kids. But I feel that I must keep it real with you and ask you to STOP TAKING ALL THE STRONG BLACK WOMEN roles in movies. First you had to go and play your BFF Mariane Pearl in “A Mighty Heart”. I know you’ve got an Oscar but that doesn’t make you the best person for EVERY part! Even if the Foreign Press seems to think you did a notable job we both know that Thandie Newton (Thandie girl you are so under-appreciated!) would have rocked the socks off that part.
And now you’re playing The Fox in “Wanted”! They’re definitely taking their artistic liberties with the “adaptation” of the comic book but why couldn’t they have kept one of the most kick ass women of color in comics? You know we all would have loved to see Eve be The Fox. For goodness sake the woman has paws tattooed to her chest!!! Could she be any more perfect??? (hint:no!)

Always Right,
Pop Colony

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Manuel B said...

Angelina's ubiquitous presence in african-american roles needs to be stopped. If I hear ANYONE suggesting her for Agent 355 though I will personally go into the Jolie-Pitt estate and go all Mr&Mrs Smith on her as Jen should have done after the movie opened.