Monday, December 17, 2007

I'll vote for whoever says Emma Frost is their favorite Comic Book Character (at least then they're being honest) recently revealed that Libertarian Republican Presidential Candidate (& Texas Congressman) Ron Paul's favorite comic book character is Baruch Wane, the Berlin Batman, from The Batman Chronicles. Surprised??? You shouldn’t be! A quick Google of “Libertarian Comic Books” (result #5) leads you to an article about Paul Pope posted on the site of Advocates of Self Government. They go on to mention in the article that Berlin Batman's adventure in The Batman Chronicles #11 (Collected earlier this year in the Batman Year 100 TPB) is "one of the great libertarian moments in comics history!".

Oh Ron Paul! You should really give your campaign people a raise because they have excellent Googling skills! Kudos to them for discovering that ridiculously talented comic book (& soon to be fashion designer) guy Paul Pope is a libertarian through a 2004 article & then using that to push your political agenda to the hip graphic novel crowd. Bravo!
Fred Thompson better hit the pedal to the metal and choose big business/alcoholics/"registration" friendly-Iron Man before Giuliani gets to him!

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