Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday Night Hotties!!!-Golden Age Edition

Gentle readers I love old movies and I will kindly yet sternly shove them down your throat until you realize what bad people the production execs that give Brett Ratner & McG money to make 'movies' are. So it should come to no surprise that TCM is the Official Film School of POP COLONY. There you will learn from the masters: Lubitsch, Cukor, Hitchcock, Wyler, Curtiz, Huston, Ford, Zimmerman, Wilder, and the list really does go on. The tuition is manageable and there's a whole lot less pretentiousness than NYU!

Saturday nights on TCM are especially educational because of The Essentials . Robert Osbourne and Carrie Fisher sit around and chat about one essential movie. BTW Robert Osbourne is my hero. He knows everything about film history but isn't damn pretentious about it. He loves movies and he wants you to love them too. Which is definitely the philosophy here at Pop Colony.
So tune in every Saturday night 8pm ET/5pm PT & get learned!

This month's The Essentials Hotties
12/8 Notorious- Cary Grant

12/15 The Adventures of Robin Hood -Errol Flynn

12/22 Born Yesterday -William Holden

12/29 Red River- Montgomery Clift

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