Friday, November 30, 2007

*CYLON in the City*

Everyone's favorite Cylon/Canada's Next Top Model Host Tricia Helfer graces the cover of this week's Georgia Straight (One of Vancouver's many gratuit weeklies)! Tricia's got a new movie called 'Walk All Over Me' coming out where she plays a dominatrix [insert Fanboys' gleeful squeals here]. Unfortunately for the Yankee Fanboys it probably won't be coming to a theater-near-you since it's pure Can-Con. Oh and Wicker Girl Leelee Sobieski is in it too!-That probably didn't require an exclamation but I'm still freaked out by her appearance in Wicker Man.
Don't cry fanboys at least you can *read* the interview (with picture!) for free over at the Georgia Straight.

1 comment:

Ty said...

why wasn't leelee sobieski tagged in there??? If she's in it, it MUST be good!