Friday, November 9, 2007

Forget Glass Slippers-Fables' Cinderella rocks Miu Miu!

Cinderella is decked out in Miu Miu Spring 2006 (seen on Jessica Stam) in issue 60 (p.11) of Fables. So I guess business must be booming at The Glass Slipper. Major props to Marc Buckingham for keeping it real because you know no self-respecting woman living in the Upper West Side like Cindy would wear anything less than runway (even during an interrogation). Considering that Miu Miu-wearing Cindy is not only a entrepreneur but also a [spoiler] secret agent officially makes her 'who I want to be when I grow up'. I absolutely love this book!

Here's a little educational analogy to bridge your comic book and fashion knowledge together:

Vertigo is to DC as Miu Miu is to Prada

The former is the younger, hipper, & quirkier offshoot of the latter.
Go out and impress people with your fashion knowledge!

BTW: This post totally brings up painful memories of my last two pairs of Miu Miu sunglasses that are now in Fashion Heaven. Rest in Pieces :(

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