Sunday, November 18, 2007

"I don't read the words. I just like it when he punches people."

If you didn't see tonight's episode of The Simpsons-"Husband & Knives" bribe whoever has it on their TiVo and sit back and enjoy. This episode is all sorts of awesome!

The first ten minutes of the episode are all about the cool new comic book store in town run by a guy with a.....wait for it.......GIRLFRIEND! I know the stuff of fiction, right???

Naturally since the new comic book guy is all hip to the indie comix he gets autreurs Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, & Daniel Clowes to do a signing at his store. But things get ugly though when Comic Book Guy attacks the cool new store (whose owner *gasp* cares what customers think). Thank God The League of Extraordinary Freelancers is there to defend all things good, pure, and indie! Gotta love the beefcake!

<-----Alan Moore irked (like my Canada-inhabitating self) that DC isn't releasing Black Dossier outside of the US.

<--On the other hand Daniel Clowes wouldn't mind it if DC would get more of any eye for details. Especially when it comes to Batman's utility belt- complete with a money dispenser for the billionaire crime fighter "in case he has to take the bus".

Now filming in Vancouver for a 2009 release....

All the dialogue in the comic book shops is gold (Reason #425 of why you should support the WGA) but I particularly love this line-
"These books are meant to be read and enjoyed not hoarded and then sold when you get divorced"-Cool Comic Book Guy With a Girlfriend Who Wears a Pork Pie Hat (voiced by Jack Black)

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
For Your Consideration
Alan Moore for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance

(Entry clip)
Bart: Alan Moore! You wrote my favorite issues of Radioactive Man!
Alan Moore: Oh really! So you like that I made your favorite superhero a heroin addicted jazz critic who's not radioactive?!

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Manuel B said...

the ONE Sunday I miss the Simpsons and I miss this?! Thank God allows us US residing people access to last night's episode ;)