Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WHITEOUT is NOT the Follow-Up to Britney's Blackout

Oni Press just posted the new poster to the film adaptation to Greg Rucka & Steve Lieber's Whiteout. I'm so unbelievably excited for this movie because Whiteout is one of my favorite comic books ever. Why? Glad you asked!

1. It is impossible not to love main gal Carrie Stetko. She's a US Marshall (á la Tommy Lee Jones) assigned to patrol one of the most isolated places on earth, Antarctica. She's definitely got her own issues and personal demons but that's part of what makes her so riveting. And let's not forget that she's smart, cynically witty, and can kick serious ass in the harshest conditions. But I think the good folks at Artbomb put it best -"Buy it because Carrie Stetko's mouthy, freckled, and cool..." [Which by the way also describes yours truly to a T.] Hopefully Kate Beckinsale will do our girl Carrie some justice. Even though I feel from the casting that they're going more for a Glamazon look for Carrie (as evidenced by the Frederic Fekkai highlights Kate is sporting in the poster). If Kate pulls it off though I'll consider forgiving her for 'Click'.

2. It's set in Antarctica. My family tree is more of a palm tree than an oak. Meaning we only live in places that are warm and close to the equator (I'm somewhat the exception but it doesn't really snow very much in Van-City). Needless to say snow fascinates and at the same time freaks me out. So while the plot may seem something out of L&O:SVU the fact that this story takes place in a setting so foreign to most of us makes it incredibly intriguing.

3. The incredibly talented creators. Greg Rucka is definitely one of those writers whose work I compulsively collect because always rocks. My love for Queen & Country could be a blog in it of itself. He writes emotionally complex, strong, and intelligent women so perfectly that a lot of times I forget he's a guy. And really that is one of the biggest compliments you can pay a comic book writer in my book.
And Steve Lieber's art is excellent from the emotional scenes to the action sequences. Lieber perfectly captures Carrie Stetko's emotions allowing the reader to understand exactly how she's feeling.
The film was directed by Dominic Sena whose last movie was Swordfish. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy that movie. But A LOT (read: ALL) of my love for that movie comes from Hugh Jackman. I mean seriously a movie where Hugh Jackman's character is introduced in a towel automatically gets two thumbs up from me.

No exact release date for the movie yet but it is scheduled for sometime in 2008.
Til then I'll just take comfort in my copy of Whiteout and Swordfish and hope for the best.

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