Monday, November 19, 2007

Is it Wednesday Yet??? *UPDATED WITH 100% MORE ANGEL!*

So even though it isn't Thanksgiving here in Canada this week (which is still so hard to get used to) I will be gladly filling my plastic cornucopia (not a euphemism) with some comic book goodness.
Angel:After The Fall #1!!!
Umbrella Academy #3
Ex Machina #32
The Spirit #11
Lone Ranger #10
Checkmate #20
She Hulk #23
Catwoman #73
Powers #27
New X-Men #22/Messiah Complex #4
Loners #6

Not that I don't love all the writers but this week's art roster is all-star with Bá, James Jean, Harris, Darwyn Cooke, Cassaday, Hughes, Oeming, Ramos and Karl Moline! [End of extreme fangirlyness. Well at least until Wed.]

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