Thursday, November 29, 2007

Haiku Reviews for November 21st-Part 2

The Umbrella--ella-ella-eh-eh-eh Academy #3 (Ok, I got that out of my system finally!!!)
W: Gerard Way
A: Gabriel Bá
Cover: James Jean

Another great read
So much family drama

Wonderful art too!

The Lone Ranger #10
W: Brett Matthews
A: Sergio Cariello
Cover: John Cassaday

John's got his demons
Evil journeys to Texas?
Great as usual

Catwoman #73
W: Will Pfeifer
A:David Lopez, Alvaro Lopez, Jeremy Cox

Is Catwoman back?
Will Selina lose it all?

Already want more

Checkmate #20
W: Greg Rucka
A: Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson

The fall of the Wall!
Midnight mystery Meta?

The crème of the crop!

New X-Men #44/Messiah Complex Chapter 4
W: Craig Kyle, Chris Yost
A:Humberto Ramos, Carlos Cuevas, Edgar Delgado

The Kids join the fight

Jamie and Layla still lost

MC really good!

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