Monday, November 19, 2007

Is it Wednesday Yet???-MOVIE EDITION!!!

I love the holiday season because it is all about gluttony. From the myriad of sales to the exhausting number of "holiday" films this is the best time of year for those who like shiny new things and movies (so in other words-me).

So here's how I will be spending my Thanksgiving Weekend in a country that "celebrated" it over a month ago.

Enchanted- You had me at Disney Metafiction! (And of course James Marsden)

August Rush-It just isn't the holidays without a movie that brings children and parents together in some endearing way. Which is a stark contrast to the usual way children and parents come together- Money &/or Food Transaction.

Hitman: I will watch ANYTHING with Timothy Olyphant. Yes, that includes Catch & Release. [Have The Powers That Be thought of pulling a Joss and doing a comic book Season 4 of Deadwood? Because I am in desperate need of some closure!]

The Mist: I have a confession to make: At Comic-Con the sight of Thomas Jane & Marcia Gay Harden a mere 6 inches from me caused me to go all Paparazzo on them. I seriously felt possessed. [End of confession] That totally doesn't even explain why I want to see this movie. In all honesty I don't know why I want to watch it. Perhaps it's because TBS won't let me forget that I love that scene in Deep Blue Sea where Samuel L. Jackson gets eaten by the shark. Ah, good times!

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