Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anders to go all HITCH on our asses???

Word on the proverbial street (read: is that Michael Trucco (aka Mr.Thrace) has been signed on for the lead of a new comedy pilot for NBC. While that's great news and all I was a little distraught by the gist of the show---"a pilot about a cad who puts his skills to use in helping women find romance." First off, I'm not cool with them using "cad" to foster airs of sophisticated comedy when they really just mean 'jerk'. But you know saying 'jerk' would probably alienate the lucrative ladies of the 18-35 like Boston Legal does to the under 40. Second, NBC should really be using Michael Trucco's talent (& scorching hottness) to add some much needed flavor to the Bionic Woman cast instead of just fulfilling their contractual obligation to Conan.

PS. Why didn't anyone tell me he was in Next? I'm still beating myself (read: baristas) over not having witnessed this marvel of modern day cinema!

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Manuel B said...

The LAST concept that needs to be retooled into an NBC comedy is HITCH, seriously...
Maybe I'd be tempted to watch it if Trucco was shirtless on every episode - like Baywatch meets Hitch, sans Kevin James of course.