Thursday, November 8, 2007

Haiku Reviews for Nov 7!!!-Part 1

Buffy Season 8 #8
W:Brian K. Vaughan
A:Georges Jeanty
Cover:Jo Chen

BKV explores
B & F’s issues galore.

G shows Faith the door?

Y-The Last Man #59
W:Brian K. Vaughan
A:Pia Guerra
I:Jose Marzan, Jr.

Hard truths for Yorick
See You Next Tuesday Alter

Why must you conclude?

Criminal #10
W:Ed Brubaker
A:Sean Phillips

A Holiday heist

Still not the end for Tracy

Crime with heart done right

Scalped #11
W:Jason Aaron
A:R.M. Guerra

Poor Mama Bad Horse

trying hard to set things right.

Gritty and Moving

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